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Eric Pulido (of Midlake) Interview

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Midlake is a strange band, being one that is truly deserving of being at the center of attention within the realm of today’s indie rock scene. The band’s latest release The Trials Of Van Occupanther has been target to overwhelming acclaim. It could be likened to a completely pure retrospective effort, one that perfectly bridges modern rock with much of 70s roots rock. In this interview guitarist Eric Pulido explains multiple points of reference within the album, the band’s current tour and playing with the Flaming Lips.

The Trials of Van Occupanther seems to hint at such a broad musical tone without mimicking any particular artists. When recording the album were there any musicians that truly inspired any of the songs included on the album?

Eric Pulido: We immersed ourselves into the classic folk rock music of the 70’s so there were many artists that influenced us from that era. Some of which were Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, The Band, America, Jimmie Sheeris, etc.

On the current tour there are spots where the Starlight Mints, Cold War Kids and SOUND Team are all playing with the band. While there is a Texas connection between Midlake and SOUND Team, what similarities are there between any or all of these bands?

Eric Pulido: Hmmm…I guess the greatest similarity is that we’re all bands trying to get our music out to the masses while keeping our heads above water. But also, we all probably smell a bit sour at times. And we all use the letter ‘a’ in our band names.

“We Gathered In Spring” is a standout track to me for a number of reasons, the greatest being the overwhelmingly heavy retro synthesizer sound. It inspires a lot of memories, musical and personal, for me and I’m curious as to any similar thoughts you might have surrounding the song.

EP: It certainly stirs personal thoughts for me, especially while we’re on tour. Being away from loved ones is always difficult when we’re touring and that particular song stirs images of a longing to be home and unite with the one you love.

Looking past the present, what does the band have any solid goals concerning touring and recording future albums?

Eric Pulido: Well, at the moment our focus is on touring and promoting this album as much as possible. Although it’s difficult not to think about the next album, we know we have to just take things as they come and try and keep the momentum going.

Other than exposure and promotion through key influences including Jason Lee and Simon Raymonde what have been some of the most important moments in the band’s history that have helped it gain such recognition within the current rock scene?

Eric Pulido: I think a collection of things both big and small have helped us gain some recognition. One of the biggest things, and coolest by our standards, was playing shows with The Flaming Lips. Not only are they musical heroes of ours, but they are some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. Their fans were wonderful as well, and we got to play in front of more people than we ever have before.

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