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“What an Unbelievably Huge Hack!” Michael Showalter Talks Bill Murray, ‘The Life Aquatic’ and Why He’ll Never Work with Wes Anderson

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Michael Showalter Life Aquatic

A guest post by comedian, actor, writer, cat fancier and blue collar beat poet Michael Showalter.

Hey Chris, I saw your blog about how me and Wes are similar. Strange as it is I’ve never seen Life Aquatic but now I think I might have to Netflix it. Of course I’m a huge admirer of his so any comparisons I take as a compliment. I know that he credits me as the main inspiration for most of his work. He’s begged me to play the lead in all but one of his films and so far I have turned them all down because I refuse to work with a hack like Bill Murray. I will only work with good comedians who’ve proven themselves. Besides being from Second City, an original SNL cast member, the star of no less than five of the best comedies ever, an accomplished dramatic actor, and a complete non-sellout, what has he ever done? Fucking hack! I mean, what has that guy ever done?! Meatballs? Stripes? Scrooged? Groundhog’s Day? Ghostbusters? Lost In Translation? The Razor’s Edge? Broken Flowers? Rushmore? Caddyshack? What an unbelievably huge hack!!!!!! Wes should know better than work with such lightweights. If he wants me he’ll have to aim higher with his casting (Gene Hackman? Angelica Huston? I can’t work with two-bits like that.) In any event, I thoroughly enjoyed your “essay”. Thanks. Hey at least you didn’t compare me to Ed Burns.

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This post is just one of many in Michael’s week long blog tour. Included in his posts already are Stereogum’s exclusive tour kick off, The Apiary’s “Truth About Hecklers,” as well as posts on Jew School, My Old Kentucky Blog, Brooklyn Vegan, Pop Watch, Best Week Ever and Deadspin!

Michael’s new release, Sandwiches & Cats, is available through J-Dub Records and can be purchased from the likes of iTunes among many other virtual retail outlets (and it’s in your old timey retail stores too, grandpa!).

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