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Cedar Rapids, IA

Unknown Limelight: Menomena

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When considering how much music is produced each year its funny when something from your past is reintroduced to you in an entirely different light. It is my belief that I stumbled into Menomena through my “Epitonic phase”…that being when I was completely enthralled with downloading free & legal music while at the same time finding a ton of great bands I had never heard of. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember Menomena being one of them. It was a stage of my life, however, where I was still familiarizing myself with a variety of well known (to most) bands and found myself often listening to and forgetting about a great deal of excellent music. Sometimes, as was the situation with Menomena, I simply believed that these new bands I was finding through sites such as Epitonic were widely appreciated and I was just behind the trend with them. Either way, I kind of forgot about the band.

Well, it appears the trend has caught up with the times and Menomena has found a niche. If you’re interested in the hard Texas sounds of alterna-driven rockers such as the Butthole Surfers, Menomena will sound like crap. But, if you’re interested in hearing a delicate wave of harmony translated through Northwestern accents, Menomena is for you.

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