Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Matt and Kim Critics’ Pick

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Recent statistics show that nearly 10 percent of the adult population in the U.S. is affected by some sort of depressive disorder. And not to detract from the seriousness of the issue, but the vast majority of those afflicted could offer themselves some temporary reprieve simply by attending a performance by Matt and Kim. There’s something peculiar about seeing the Brooklyn-based duo in a live setting; they have a positive energy and exuberance that is hard to express through words. There is rarely a moment during their shows when there isn’t an illuminating positivity emanating from the stage as Kim Schifino pounds away at her drum kit and Matt Johnson bangs away at his keyboard, both grinning like Cheshire cats the entire time. It would be a challenge to walk away from a Matt and Kim show not feeling upbeat and carefree. With Amanda Blank. 18+.

[This critics’ pick was originally published by City Pages.]