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Matic Lee “Flyin’ Nimbus”

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Originally having no prior idea as to what a flyin’ nimbus was (personally), Matic Lee is back with a bit of a lesson in pop culture to accompany one of his latest free-flowing joints. The Dragonball wiki (what, you thought there wasn’t a Dragonball wiki?) explains a flying nimbus as “a yellow magical cloud that serves as a vehicle.” In the context of the song, one can only assume that the flyin’ nimbus is the tightly-knit drum beat that pops beneath Lee’s bout of lyrical soul-searching, the MC gathering inspiration to continue on in the face of tepid successes. “No matter how many beats I make/Can’t seem to get a piece of the cake/I need a piece, get a break/But everybody want a piece: get a plate.” He continues, “So what do I do, been around all this time, tryin’ to find a clue/Been makin’ moves since oh-two/Got shit on YouTube with four million views.” You’re going to have to hear the whole song to get a better taste for it, but “Flyin’ Nimbus” is just one of the latest reasons why Lee has quickly become one of my favorite voices, both as a lyricist and producer, in Nashville. If you’re feeling this track I suggest you check out the recent video feature for “Smoke Session” which Lee produced for CB.

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