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Culture Bully’s Best Mashups of 2008 Guest Posts

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Best of 2008

In addition to Culture Bully’s annual list of the year’s best mashups, we’ve asked a few friends to join us this year by sharing their lists as well. Thank you for reading Culture Bully, and I hope you enjoy these lists.

The Top Mashups of 2008 by The Abrahammer

#1) Immuzikation “One More Time To Pretend”
Immuzikation threw down so much hot shit this year it was hard to choose the best track. Even though this is a pretty simple mashup, I can’t listen to either of these tracks anymore without wishing I was hearing both.

#2) Ludachrist “Soul on Ice”
In preparation for an upcoming LP, Ludachrist put out the Legend of Curtis EP. The three tracks manage to live up to the brilliance of Bangfest even if they are more “traditional” mashups. “Soul on Ice” is my favorite of the three, though I am a little sore that they copped the Zelda sample in the title track! (Just kidding, of course.)

#3) E603 “Crystal Friend”
E603 also put out an excellent mashup record this year called Something for Everyone. It was hard to choose a best track because the album rocks pretty consistently, but “Crystal Friend” wins because of the OCDJ sample – nice!

#4) DJ Lobsterdust “Put On The Red Light”
Lobsterdust and I have shared posts on Culture Bully twice (it’s been an honor both times) so I figured he deserved a spot on the list. This track blows me away, the vocals build perfectly with the music.

#5) Easter Egg “Birds” (mp3)
Girl Talk’s #1 competitor dropped a monster of an album earlier this year called “Jackin for Beats.” Birds is my favorite of the bunch – the Crystal Castles and The Cure samples are vital. (Download the entire album here.)

The Top Mashups of 2008 by Copycat

This year I’ve tried to more decisively branch out into the remixing territory. Among other things, I did a few different versions of Radiohead’s classic, “Creep,” and one for Yazoo, “Nobody’s Diary,” just in time for their reunion tour, which both rendered a bit of attention. And my remix of Dean Martin’s “Mambo Italiano” was also pretty well received. I’ve also been dabbling quite a lot with my own original stuff – hopefully 2009 will be the year of the Cat, and not the Copycat. But don’t hold your breath. It still sucks in so many different ways…

Obviously, I did a few mash-ups as well. The ones getting the most attention were “Stand By For The Floor” (Hot Chip vs Ben E King), “A Smalltown Monday Solution” (New Order/Bronski Beat/Superbass/more) and “Does Your Homosapien Know” (ABBA vs Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks). My contribution to the Scissor Sisters mash-up project, “Golden Lights” (SS vs Klaxons) also got a fair bit of attention – not least down under, where Triple J seem to have grown fond of it. Other popular, more recent, ones include “Lady Jacqueline” (Lady Gaga vs Franz Ferdinand) and “Singing that A-ha Melody” (A-Ha vs Swingfly). Two tunes I’m rather proud of. Simply, yet effective jobs.

I’ve also kept rather busy contributing to Audio Porn Central, where I try to drop some fave tracks in general, and Scandinavian ones in particular. Currently, I’m involved in one of APC’s Guilty Pleasure projects, doing a remix, which should be out any minute now. Apart from that, I’ve promised Moscow’s biggest and most popular underground radio station at least one DJ-set. I usually avoid that. Mostly because I’m too lazy. And as I’m not that into long mixes with mere simple transitions, I got a decent amount of work cut out for me in the next few weeks – or months, knowing me.

My fave mashups of 2008 (my spellchecker suggest “mishaps”… not too far from the truth sometimes… at least my own…)

  • DJ Schmolli “Wicked Wedding” (Billy Idol vs. Chris Isaak vs. H.I.M.)
  • Mad Mix Mustang “Take It Easy On Me” (A-HA vs The Commodores)
  • The KLEF “You Shook Me”
  • Dunproofin’ “Electro Sandman”
  • Celebrity Murder Party “Blue Rinse”
  • Phil RetroSpector “Back to Virginity”
  • Divide & Kreate “Phantom Part III”
  • Divide & Kreate” Until it Talks”
  • Aggro1 “The Clash vs. The Bloody Beetroots”
  • Wax Audio “Enter You”
  • DJ Earworm “Reckoner Lockdown”

Top Mashups of 2008 by ComaR

ToToM “What’s My Bloom”
A real “mashup” to me, Kurt’s voice got changed on some parts to fit the music and it’s a perfect genre clash.
(Nirvana vs Snoop Doggy Dogg)

DJ STV SLV “Shut Up, American Boy”
Two mega-hits of the year perfectly mashed, can’t find better.
(Estelle feat. Kanye vs Ting Tings)

PhatBastard “Move Girl”
Mashing those teo tracks was so inappropriate and the result sounds so good.
(The Temptations vs Ludacris)

DJY alias JY “Duffy Train Running”
Well… I just like it a lot.
(Duffy vs Doobie Brothers)

Party Ben “Let There be Love”
I didn’t liked the first mashups I heard of “Love Lockdown,” this one helped me to get used of Kanye’s vocoderised voice and when I heard the original one, I loved it.
(Justice vs Kanye West)

Top Mashups of 2008 by DJ Clive$ter

  • G3RSt “No Squirrel No Cry”
  • Phil RetroSpector “Looking Back Is A Losing Game”
  • RIAA “Sweet Little Honda”
  • Apollo Zero “Robot Music Forever”
  • DJ Schmolli “Justice For Billie Jean”

Top Mashups of 2008 by DJ Real Juicy

#1) DJ Perry “Shake It” (MC Shy D vs. Metro Station)
#2) DJ Geometrix “What You Know About a White Wedding” (T.I. vs. Billy Idol)
#3) DJ Real Juicy “The Look ‘08″ (Roxette vs. Lil Jon, Trick Daddy & Fat Joe)
#4) DJ Shades “Love Lockdown vs. Sharp Dressed Man” (Kanye West vs. ZZ Top)
#5) Whack-A-Tone “Music Sounds Better Low” (Flo Rida vs. Stardust)

Of course there were tons of great records this year, however these seem to have been played the most by me and gotten the best reaction overall. I’m sure there are tons of tracks I totally forgot about when I made this list and I am very sorry, it was a long year.

The Top Mashups of 2008 by DJ Schmolli

  • DJ Lobsterdust “It’s Fun To Smoke Dust”
  • Aggro1 “Judas Priest vs. 2 Bit Pie”
  • Dunproofin’ “Loaded Epic”
  • Wax Audio “Sad But Superstitious”
  • DJ Clive$ter “Hung Over”

The Top Mashups of 2008 by DJ Useo

#1) G3RSt “Bloom to Me” (Nirvana vs Koop)
#2) The Who Boys “Magpie”
#3) Liam Nicklen “Sneaky Exhale” (Liam Nicklen vs Sneaky Sound System)
#4) DJ Moule “Positive Walk” (Lou Reed vs Wax Taylor vs Rolling Stones)
#5) Qubic “A Little Piece About Death (A Rockoween Love Story)“ (Avenged Sevenfold vs. Six:AM vs. Oingo Boingo)

The Top Mashups of 2008 by G3RSt

#1) Martinn “Tears of a Stranger” (Madonna vs Smokey Robinson)
#2) Wax Audio “Sad But Superstitious” (Stevie Wonder vs Metallica)
#3) Mad Mix Mustang “The Way You Got Me That Feeling” (Michael Jackson vs James Brown)
#4) 5ose “Praise The News Of A Day” (Fatboy Slim vs. The Beatles vs. Billy Joel)
#5) DJ Lobsterdust Call Me Already” (Blondie vs. The Temptations)

The Top Mashups of 2008 by Irn Mnky

#1) Jimmi James “Womanizer Blaster”
#2) 5-Fingers “Everybody in the Place (Electro RMX)”
#3) Divide and Kreate “Phantom Part III”
#4) The Who Boys/Tony Crackburn Orchestra “Sgt Java’s Palava”
#5) LEEDM101 “Wonderwall (Dry Stone Remix)”

Myself I have doing a lot of original stuff some for commercial release which should see the light next year. Got an EP coming out start of the next year for the Unstable Fabulists who I have been producing and I have been doing some music for a guy called “Mr Shaodow”. We have a fortnightly night on Leeds called “Different Strokes” which is at the Smoke Stack. I also have have a recently reformed band called “Alpine Movement” and we are practicing for gigs starting next year.

The Top Mashups of 2008 by King of Pants

  • DJ Schmolli “M.I.A. Wanted Dead Or Alive” (M.I.A. vs Bon Jovi)
  • DJ ShyBoy “Vanity Kane” (Danity Kane vs Vanity 6)
  • The Illuminoids “Teenage Electric Lobotomy” (MGMT vs Justice vs The Ramones)
  • DJ Earworm “No More Gas” (Rihanna vs. Britney vs. Estelle vs. Leona Lewis vs. a ton of other people)
  • Divide & Kreate “Dance Dreams” (Eurythmics vs Lady Gaga)

The Top Mashups of 2008 by Lenlow

#1) DJ Y Alias JY “Can’t Stand Beggin’”
#2) Torero “Let Me Think About American Boys”
#3) Lenlow “Do Your Thing to the Music”
#4) Katie Enlow “Live In Washington”
#5) Mad Mix Mustang “Take It Easy On Me”

Top Mashups of 2008 by DJ Lobsterdust

  • DJ Earworm “Reckoner Lockdown” (Kanye West vs. Radiohead)
  • Party Ben “D.A.N.C.E. Like a Record” (Dead or Alive vs. Justice)
  • Wax Audio “Enter You” (Metallica vs. Brian Adams)
  • Aggro1 “The Clash vs. The Bloody Beetroots”
  • Overdub “Come As Starlight” (Nirvana vs. Superman Lovers)

The Top Mashups of 2008 by Bobby Martini

DJ Fac “I Kiss A Girl When Things Explode”
I actually heard this before Perry’s original and it blew me away upon first hearing. It gives a whole new twist on a very over mashed track (even by me lol) and I still listen to it today and enjoy it the most of all the Perry mashups.
(Katy Perry vs Unkle)

Colatron “Twin Hearts”
This stood out amongst everything else at the time. So different, very kitsch but very entertaining at the same time. I also believe this was the catalyst for Mashed In Plastic. I remember saying at the time that I could imagine Kylie performing this on stage… and I reckon she still might.
(Kylie Minogue vs Twin Peaks)

LeeDM101 “Jesus Doesn’t Care”
Probably the most recent on my list. I just can’t stop playing it at the moment. Some may say the two tracks are an obvious choice but so what ! It works and Lee has done a bloody fine job with that live pella – I have tried and failed a few times using it because of the poor quality – top marks all round – a truly great mash.
(Depeche Mode vs Fall Out Boy)

Bobby Martini “Killer Client”
I realize that this might sound like a bit of an ego trip, nominating one of my own, but I don’t care (lol). I was introduced to Client this year by a good friend and soon realized what a great band they are. This mash was one of the most enjoyable I have ever worked on and I used a totally different recording set up for it too. I got some of the best response from this mash I have ever had and it introduced a lot of people to Client – which is no bad thing. It’s one of the few mashups I have produced that I still enjoy listening to today.
(The Killers vs Client)

Simon Iddol “Wrong Seduction”
I had the privilege of hearing this track when it was still a demo and I knew it would be one of Simon’s best straight away. To me it easily sounds like something EBTG would release. A great pairing made in mashup heaven. Ideal on an empty beach in the evening with a martini.
(Everything But The Girl vs Snoop Dog)

I’m currently finishing off an EP inspired by the film Blade Runner. “It’s been a long time in the making because I have been back to the drawing board with it on a number of occasions. I’m also working on some new Peter Gabriel and Client stuff which should be released within the first quarter of 2009.”

The Top Mashups of 2008 by ToToM

Flying White Dots “Vanity”

Sugamotor “Wouldn’t Nine Lives Be Nice”
(Midnight Juggernauts vs. Beach Boys)

Divide and Kreate “Until it Talks”

DJ Lobsterdust “Put on the Red Lights”
Same backing track but they’re both great, pick the one you want if you can’t decide.

G3RSt “No Squirrel No Cry”

The Bootleague “Groove is in the Black Hole Sun”

The Top Mashups of 2008 by DJ Paul V.

This has been a busy year for me, with me mainly focusing on my club gigs and weekly radio show. Along with all the bangin’ electro and indie rock that I play, “Neon Noise” will always be a home for excellent mashups deserving the airplay. Here’s 10 (of so many!) boots that kept my ears pricked and audiences happy in 2008.

#1) Divide & Kreate “Every Bleeding Breath”
I’m no big fan of sugary diva pop vocals, but this is just one hell of a gorgeous, stunning combo. Sounds like it was recorded this way.

#2) DJ Shyboy “Rock Lobstar”
LA’s Shyboy continues to drop exciting and different combos, and there’s very few mashes with “Rock Lobster,” let alone this rockin’.

#3) DJ Zebra “Roxanne Should Be Dancing”
More Police in the mix here, but damn – try dropping this at any dance club or house party and see if anyone is sitting down.

#4) DJ Earworm “No More Gas”
Earworm is the master of the megablend, and this track essentially rounded up all the best pop music of the year into a seamless, almost poignant statement.

#5) DJ Paul V. “Surviving The Nightlife”
Yeah, I nod to myself here. This blend – even with it’s unknown music and IAMX vocal – seems to be a favored by some of my fellow mashers. Somehow it’s a statement about sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll – and discoballs?

#6) DJ STV LV “Shut Up, American Boy”
How could this fail? Take the music of the UK’s most buzzed about duo, add in the vocals from one of the best pop songs of ‘08, and – voila!

#7) DJ Tripp “B.U.D.D.Y.”
For me, this epitomized the perfect marriage of hipster indie rock with the French electro that the blunt-haircut kids love dancing to.

#8) Wax Audio “Enter You”
C’mon – Bryan Adams hangin’ with Metallica? ‘Nuff said.

#9) Celebrity Murder Party “Blue Rinse”
Another dancefloor shoe-in. Just when you thought “Blue Monday” was played out, Rose Royce & Lipps Inc. make it percolate again.

#10) Party Ben “Single Ladies (In Mayberry)”
To me, Party Ben capped off 2008 with something so loaded with goofy smile factor and totally left-of-center charm, you walked on to the dancefloor with an ear-to-ear grin.

Honorable mention:

Justin Lowe “Obamatat”
Set to music from Ratatat, and using the moving, powerful speech Obama gave at the Democratic Convention, it was an uplifting and inspirational nod to this year’s best news: PRESIDENT OBAMA!

The Top Mashups of 2008 by A+D

This is a continuous mix compilation CD, showcasing our favorite mashups from 2008. Compiled in order with no gaps between the songs — perfect for parties!

This took longer to put together than we thought, simply because there were so many good mashups released this year! We had a really rough time narrowing it down, and a lot of it came down to what we could fit on a CD, and our desire to have a “little bit of everything,” but not to repeat songs or artists. But of course, that’s why we also listed 13 bonus tracks, a bakers dozen, to showcase all the stuff we wanted to put on there, but couldn’t.

Best of Bootie 2008
Get the album and bonus tracks & artwork here.

Happy 09!

[These posts were first published by Culture Bully.]