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Mashups of the Week: Girl Talk & Tron

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This is the first clip (above) from RiP: A Remix Manafesto, one of the most important documentaries dealing with the remix generation and copyright laws in recent years (if not thee most important). It’s hard to tell someone that a mashup of Slayer and Madonna is a piece of art, but the idea behind separating sourced influence, taking parts of what you enjoy most, and creating something entirely new and unique is. I forgot that this documentary was being made when I first heard about it some months ago, and am going to revisit it as I would do well to remind myself that there is more to this mashup stuff than just bangers and beats.

That being said, if you are into some of those bangers and beats, The Temple of House Music has shared the 15th volume of its MASH – UP series; you’ll find a few there.

There have been an unusually high number of bastard-pop music videos that have sprung up in recent weeks, here’s a sampling:

BRAT Productions “Duran Duran “Hungry Like The Wolf (a capella)” vs. U.N.K.L.E. “Morning Rage (instrumental)”

More of a media mash, but still cool: Tron in 5:30 set to Daft Punk Songs.

Bootie Mashups

A plus D are continuing their world-wide Bootie tour and have updated their site with pictures from Bootie Brasília and the gorgeous surroundings of the country. The duo has also dropped their monthly update of the Bootie Top 10; this month’s highlights include a surprisingly well-fitting Boston/Black Eyed Peas mash by Mad Mix MustangDJ Schmolli‘s twist on La Roux & Britney Spears, and DJ Magnet‘s Duran Duran/Chic bootleg.

Last week I looked back on dj BC’s brilliant mashup albums with the Beatles and Beastie Boys, in particular The Beastles. If you’re interested in checking out any of his latest projects, most recently he’s appeared on Rude Remix Revolution, “First there was the power punk and deep ska of BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE. Then mash-up master dj BC chopped up those horn stabs, vocal lines, throbbing basslines and sweet skanks, reconstructing them into slabs of tasty electro reggae goodness. And now, we bring you Rude Remix Revolution- a selection of stoned dubs, raucous remixes, micro-freak house tracks, bewildering techno treatments and pure boomin’ slammers from famous big-name producers, Big D friends, collaborators, remix contest winners, and drinking buddies.” And for those really interested in following up with BC, he’s recently contributed a track to the Muppet Mashup album. It’s almost as bizarre as it sounds, and I can’t cosign for the whole thing, but if you had a remote interest in Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem it’d be worth your time to check this out.

G3RSt has followed up last week’s stupendous Hawaiian/Jay-Z mash with another over-the-top outing: this time combining DeVotchka with early ’90s dance sensation Reel2Real. 

DJ Schmolli combines one of the best pop songs of the bast decade with Kings of Leon. Despite the KoL inclusion, the song’s got chops.

ABX of the Hood Internet takes us back to when flossin’ your grill and rollin’ on dubs wasn’t about frontin’ your gangsta figure; times used to be simpler then: Birdman vs. Washed Out.

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