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Cedar Rapids, IA

Love in October “Love in October II” EP

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The last real musical memory of Love in October that comes to mind was a coffee shop number they put to video for CB in 2008; just harmless, fun, acoustic rock. Shortly after that, brothers Erik and Kent Widman announced that they would be shifting the band’s base of operations, swapping the icy tundra of Minneapolis for the equally icy tundra of Chicago (winter in the Midwest is rough no matter where you go). Now they’re back with a few new songs, and on first listen of the Love in October II EP (which is actually their third EP) it appears as though the duo’s music is genuinely shifting toward a sound referenced in their press release: “spacious, uncontrolled, and naturally colored”… well, at least spacious and uncontrolled; I have no fucking idea what a naturally colored sound is.

The band recommends “Paper Heart” and “Desperate” from the release, but unlike the former’s even flowing pace and the latter’s sporadic moments of violent sounding outbursts, my money’s on EP-opener “Do You Love Me.” Tiffany Almy’s guest vocals add a sugary layer of contrast to the sharp edges of the track’s guitar piece. The one time Sexy Champions drummer quietly carries the song, repeatedly asking “Do you love me?” as the track abruptly comes to an end after a mere 2:20.

The entire EP will be available as a free download from Love in October’s Bandcamp page until February 8, when Love in October II is officially released.

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