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Loud & Heavy Iowa Playlist

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Glass Ox Iowa Playlist

The Loud & Heavy Iowa playlist features metal from Iowa including thrash, groove, doom, stoner rock, post-hardcore, death metal, grindcore and more. (Pictured: Glass Ox)

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Playlist Updates:

Safe Space Des Moines Iowa

Idolist “Gravity’s Weight”
Marcato “Dance Party”
Glass Ox “Rogue Sons”
Orphic Illusion “Out For Blood”
Dredge “Pulling Shadows”
In Loving Memory “This is Ours”
Manhattan Blockade “The Fall of Tenpenny Tower”
Closet Witch “Well Fed Machine”
Greg the Hero “Forging a Legacy”
Cameron Neal feat. Thomas Avala “Shift”
Deceptaloid “Nobody”
Closer to God “Into the Abyss”
Downthesun “Scapegoat”
On a Pale Horse “Amplify the Circle”
Twin Wizard “Ghost Train Haze”
Ekos “Black Sun”
Space Burial “Emperor’s New Clothes”
Kyler Boss “Vigilante”
Mike Allen “An Analysis of an Analysis”
Elliot Klimowski “Capture the Flag”
Pozar “My Precious”
Held Under “Losing Grip”
Nongrata “The Beast in Me”
Safe Space “Cataclysm”
Tamen Rayy feat. Christian Grey “Feeling I Go Through”
Widow7 “WTF”
Amuck “Thralls”
Already Broken “Petrified Apparition”
Defyance “Second Death”
Lyinheart “After Dark”
(December 17, 2023 Update / Pictured: Safe Space)

Modern Life is War Iowa Band

Apollo’s Hold “I Am”
Hello Ramona “No Turning Back”
Rehtek “O.I.T.N.”
The Local Machinist “Remains of the Overlord”
Too Pure To Die “Resist”
Riff Worm & the Heist “Stoned Roller”
Modern Life is War “A Tale of Two Cities”
For Today “No Truth, No Sacrifice”
Already Broken “Chatter”
Tomb of the Unknown “Time Travelers”
Megapunch “Resurrection Machine”
Druids “Desert Rites”
Blood Spell “Ascension”
Nethervoid “Burial Bluffs”
Moon Summoner “Divination”
Closet Witch feat. Dylan Walker “My Words Are Sacred”
Backstab “Bottomfeeder”
Nyhilist “Warpath”
Archives “Reflections”
Saving Sidon “Parker, You Are Such a Boyscout”
Shattered Crown “Victims”
Elision “Headlines”
(October 21, 2023 Update / Pictured: Modern Life is War)

Orphic Illusion Band Iowa

Glass Ox “Gaze of Colossus”
In Loving Memory “Crawling to Falling”
Orphic Illusion “No Room for Remorse”
Hairless Monk “Flight of Cetus”
Vended “Am I the Only One”
Phantom Threat “Cast for Corpse Duty”
The Rising Plague “The End of Civilization”
Bound by Entrails “Fault of Filth”
Sterling Bidler “Half Brained”
Deceptaloid “Rose Gold II”
Drowning Life “Leech”
MUTT I.A. “Haemolacria”
ILL OMEN feat. Frontal Assault “Born to Die”
Pets With Human Name “Tomahawk”
Dogs of Neptune “Sound of a Ghost”
Godcrutch “These Last Few Days”
Alexander Oden “Machete”
Falling to Grace “If the Beast is Dead…”
(September 7, 2023 Update / Pictured: Orphic Illusion)

In Loving Memory Iowa Band

In Loving Memory “A Gentler Sun”
Phantom Threat “Cast for Corpse Duty”
Bound by Entrails “Progeny of Adam”
Dogs of Neptune “The Color of Now”
The Boston Hellmask “Implode”
Sioux City Pete & The Beggars “Necrophilia”
Hurry Up, Brothers “Corroding, Sinking, Drowning”
The Maw “Call to Arms”
Murder Earth feat. Joe Day & Donnie Steele “Waiting for the End of Man”
Doppelganger “Sun Rhapsody”
Vended “Ded to Me”
Corey Taylor “Post Traumatic Blues”
What Lies Within “Revenge”
Amass the Grave “Era of the Regime”
Sordid “Pit of the Ashes”
Junk Poet “Icarus”
King Wylde “Hurricane 2.0”
Alister Hag “Mr. Motor Racing”
Blacked Out World “Made You Dead”
(August 2, 2023 Update / Pictured: In Loving Memory)

Drowning Life Band Iowa

Giallows “Doom”
Green Death “Hell Lives!”
East Madison “Broken Glass”
Hell Vendetta “The Wreckoning”
Drowning Life “Primal Intent”
Deplorable Immaculacy “Becoming the Devil”
B-REX “Debriefing”
Painface “GunSlinger (Deus Meus Mix)”
Riff Worm “RESIN WORM (All That You Can)”
Doom Tiger “Thermos, Pt. II: Escalate your Fears”
Mindrite “Number One”
Julixn Leone “The Hurting”
Saving Sidon “Shedding Skin”
Housefire “Something’s Wrong With Me”
Nethervoid “Of This Sacred Circle”
Infandous “Milk and Cookies”
All Guts No Glory “Road Song”
Salvaged “Reckless”
Burn the Ailment “Into Black”
xHRVSTRx “New Boot Goofin'”
(July 1, 2023 Update / Pictured: Drowning Life)

Glass Ox Iowa Band

Jim-Jones “Reanimated”
Glass Ox “Nature Scorned”
Superchief “Leviathan”
Already Broken “Obsequies”
The Curse of Hail “Deathmask Divine”
Greg the Hero “Kingmaker”
Manhattan Blockade “It’s Not Over”
Kyler Boss “Doom”
Doppelganger “I Was God Once”
Romeo Tried “Finland!”
Mortiferous Scorn “Nothing Left”
The Rising Plague “Burn the Remains”
Alexander Oden “Oblivion”
Overtire “SWINE”
Abdicate “Divine Redemption”
MUTT IA “I Know”
Beelzejud “Hope”
Skin of Earth “Olympus Mons”
Aeonian Winter “Stygian Forest”
(June 7, 2023 Update / Pictured: Glass Ox)

Rehtek Iowa Metal Band

Green Death “Desmodus”
Onetheless feat. Covey Tratchel “Onibaba”
Idolist “Garden of Fear”
The Horde “Battle Cry”
Tranzig “Car Mosh”
Too Pure To Die “Death of Innocence”
The August Guns “Victories”
Modern Life is War “By the Sea”
Mourning Veil “Nihilistic Exponent”
Blizzard at Sea “Closed Universe”
Shatterbone “Off the Rail”
Sludgeplow “Assgrinder”
Sexually Aggressive Silverbacks “Punching Nazis”
Unity “Afterlife”
Rehtek “Abomination”
Alter Within “Die in Vain”
ARCHIVES “Sanity’s End”
Radicalizer “Civil War II: Nuclear Boogaloo”
Juehring “Rise”
White Death “The Sea is Asleep”
(May 8, 2023 Update / Pictured: Rehtek)

LOVESBLIND Iowa Music Band

Widow7 “Shadow Me”
Anna Pest & Sterling Bidler “Snow”
Eli Dykstra Rocks “E.M.F.D.”
Dead Emperors “The Storm”
The Local Machinist “Summoning Blind Willy at the Crossroads”
For Today “Ready for the Fight”
Liquified Decomposition “Bourbon Sleigher”
Dreamthief “Ire”
Already Broken “Lunar Black”
(April 6, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: LOVESBLIND)

Mutually Assured Destruction Iowa Metal Band

Mutually Assured Destruction “Lawman”
On a Pale Horse “King Brimstone”
Dueling at Dawn “In Comes the Night”
Elliot Klimowski “Lives You Can’t Deny”
Swinery “Divine Extol”
Freaklabel “Slaughtery Machine”
Telekinetic Yeti “Ancient Nug”
Riff Worm “Moon Child” (@riffworm)
Dogs of Neptune “One Taste of Blood”
Bleedchain “Worthless”
(March 23, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Mutually Assured Destruction)

Phantom Threat Iowa Metal Band

Phantom Threat “An Irreversible Birth”
Timefield “No Feeling”
Hardship “Cut Through”
Wading Through the Tide “Life Among the Living”
Orphic Illusion “Resistance”
Morthereon “Broken Path”
Defyance “I Burn for You”
Guilty of Treason “Desperation”
Traffic Death “Consumed By Fire”
Hairless Monk “Monolith”
(March 9, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Phantom Threat)

Ill Omen Iowa Metal Band

Held Under “Idle Eyes”
Heir of Sorrow “Choose to Haunt”
ILL OMEN “Peace in the Middle East”
Cursed Existence “M.W.F.”
The Zealots “Ghost”
Space Burial “Mudtrout”
All Things Lost “Ready. Fire. Aim.”
Exodia US feat. Misstiq & David Simonich of Signs of the Swarm “Disgust”
Onetheless “Onibaba”
Widow7 “Therapy”
(February 25, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: ILL OMEN)

Curse of Hail Iowa Band

Frontal Assault “Human Deception”
The Curse of Hail “Degradation”
Dryad “Brine Pool Aberration”
Pozar “Antichrist”
Black Market Fetus “Endless Nightmare”
Mutilated by Zombies “Sentry of Sleep”
Druids “Mirrors of Trigon”
Brotherhood of the Mudkat “the tangerine toddler”
Tragedy Mask “The Blood of an Artist”
Dividing the Masses “Discontent”
(February 9, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: The Curse of Hail)

Traffic Death Iowa Metal Band

Traffic Death “Unyielding Messages from Beyond”
Plea of the Sword “A Writhen Memory”
Bovinophobic Bile Puddle “Excretion”
Dark Agenda “Execute”
Dead Horse Trauma “No Recollection”
Astral Space “Blacklist”
The Emblem Faction “Vita”
Destrophy “Pray”
Nongrata “Who Saves the Hero”
Cameron Neal “Light in the Sky”
(January 28, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Traffic Death)

Dryad Iowa Metal Band

Abstract Form(s) “The Formless”
Dryad “Pompeii Worm”
Hell Vendetta “Pit Keeper”
Agony of Defeat “Sit on My Face”
Saul “Brother”
Guilty of Treason “Prisoner of Mind”
Aseethe “Sever the Head (Part III)”
Absolute Power “Killing for a Living”
Apathy Syndrome “Blind Eyes”
Dark Mirror “From the Ashes”
(January 14, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Dryad)

Green Death Iowa Metal Music

Grave Corps “The Long Night”
Green Death “The Devil’s Hand/Bathed in Black”
Tamen Rayy feat. Adam Ramey (of Dropout Kings) “The Gift”
Locomotive Gun “High Society”
Ancient Elm “Mount Shasta”
Telekinetic Yeti “Stoned and Feathered”
Tu’mera “Face of God”
Neutral Red “Dissection Torture”
Dark Arrival “Mutilation is Never Easy”
Devour Once Dead “Everyone is Plagued”
(December 30, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Green Death)

Closet Witch Iowa Metal

Doppelganger “Praise the Sun”
Modern Life is War “Night Shift at the Potato Factory”
Frontal Assault “Thrashin'”
Closet Witch “Funeral Regrets”
Blood Spell “Torchbearer”
Megapunch “Skyward”
Pit Lord “Blessed Are the Thicc”
St. October “White Goddess”
Skarlett Roxx “To The Barrel”
(December 15, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Closet Witch)

Druids Iowa Metal

Druids “YeYin”
Too Pure To Die “Confidence and Consequence”
Ophidian Memory “Spectral Liturgy”
SUPERCHIEF “Trophy Room”
Hairless Monk “The Sea-Giant’s Forest”
Deceptaloid “Bluff”
Twin Wizard “Electric Yeti”
Glass Ox “Fire and Hate”
Rehtek “Justification”
Swinery “Holy Mountain of Flesh”
(December 2, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Druids)

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