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Mashups of the Week: The Beastles return & “Glee”

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Queens Stone Age Mashup

After a few weeks of crapping it up, lobsterdust nailed a remarkable mix this week, utilizing a track from Queens of the Stone Age layered within some fresh Air. Though the song isn’t built on material from Air’s most recent release, Love 2 (which is highly recommended, by the way), it retains the French duo’s leisurely approach to electronic ambiance.

lobsterdust “Alone Wit Chu” (mp3)

Another return of sorts this week is dj BC’s return to his Beastles mixes, now returning with a new track “2 Many Beastles.” It’s a great reminder what the producer is capable of, and yet another reason to check out his original mixes (this is especially true if you haven’t done so yet).

dj BC “2 Many Beastles” (mp3)

Late last month Gimme Noise reviewed Volcano Choir’s new album, Unmap, calling it “a soup of sound.” This week the Hood Internet took it a step further, tossing in some benjamins and making a Diddy stew.

The Hood Internet’s ABX “All About The Islands” (mp3)

As if the niche–already bedazzled in its own flamboyant club-friendly nuances–was lacking any zest before, Fox introduced the genre to its audience this past week when it pinned characters from its hit series Glee in a mashup-off. Thanks to Fox, mashups just got a whole lot gayer.

Jay-Z Led Zeppelin Mashup

One last note: this past week I conducted a brief interview with Dj Doc Rok over at Mashuptown. If you haven’t heard of the nationally recognized producer, two of the best mixes to start with are The Biggie Hendrix Experience and American ZeppelinBoth can be downloaded for free at his website.

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