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Lil Wayne “Prom Queen”

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Lil Wayne Rebirth Prom Queen

Though it serves as the lead single from Lil Wayne’s forthcoming Rebirth, if “Prom Queen” were released by anyone but Weezy, it simply wouldn’t matter. But it is, and as such it matters. Regrettably continuing the trend of the ‘MC rock record,’ “Prom Queen” is, at best, an utterly boring stab at the lowest level of modern rock. Its chugging powerchords and broken-hearted lyrics are entirely unexpected from a man who is essentially the King Midas of excitement. None of it holds a candle to the body of work that has helped give (at least a shred of) credibility to his ongoing claim of being the best rapper alive. Though, what did we really expect? While being far from his first stab at the guitar, Wayne’s noodling during “Lollipop” on his Saturday Night Live appearance signaled an awkward indication towards what was first thought to be a passing phase. But it was simply a taste of things to come… an unessential, unnecessary taste of things to come.

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