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Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, Twista & NOE “Swagger From Us”

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So much hype was given to Lil Wayne’s The Drought Is Over Pt. 6 (The Reincarnation) late last year, most of which was aimed at a mixtape that had more gaps in it than Weezy’s baby-momma’s grill (yeah, I said it). The mix more than made up for its lulls with massive bangers however, such as “First Place Winner,” which is carried over to The Leak 6, which was recently released. Another great track included on the new mix is “Swagger From Us,” which features Jim Jones, Twista and NOE, and takes a direct shot at Jay-Z’s “Swagga Like Us.”

No matter how forgettable his verse is on the song, “Swagger From Us” is expected to be released as a bonus track on Jones’ upcoming Pray IV Reign album, with the modified title of “Jackin’ Swagger From Us.” The song is perfect within the context of a mixtape though, offering itself up as an incestuous beef track taking stabs at T.I. and Jay-Z for supposedly biting the MC’s style. The most amusing part of the whole thing is that Lil Wayne performs on both the original and the remake—you can’t lose if you’re playing for both teams, right? While the premise is a bit ridiculous, the highlight of the track is Twista. His verse is blazing, and serves as a hell of a reminder that he’s still bringing a lot of game in 2009.

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