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Leftöver Crack Interview

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STZA Leftover Crack

From the ruins of the self proclaimed squat-core band Choking Victim emerged the ska & punk influenced Leftöver Crack, and the band continues to persevere through political persecution, corporate neglect and personal tragedy. I had the opportunity to ask a few questions of lead singer, Stza, and he was gracious enough to take some time and work through some thoughts on corporate punk, the Zapatista tribe, and maintaining the band’s integrity.

I believe that bands like Leftöver Crack have a connection with bands like Anti-Flag & other borderline corporate bands like Against Me! While I think that one cannot exist without the other, can politically fueled music truly exist at a corporate level?

Stza: Well, the issue of hypocrisy is definitely raised and I feel it is a very important issue, but I also understand how manipulative the media in this country is, and while I don’t believe I would ever be interested in signing to a corporate label. I know that having a band like Anti-Flag in the spotlight will only help a band like ours prosper. Plus they are friends of ours, so I support their decisions.

I’ve read that the band has played with the Dead Kennedys in the past. Recently, has the band been approached by any other notable acts concerning playing with them during the upcoming spring tour or thereafter?

Stza: Well, I must say that when we played with the “NEW” DKs, we had already turned them down in the states as we wanted nothing to do with their cashing in on important political issues and tarnishing the group’s good name. The fact is we weren’t told till the day before and we didn’t want to let down our own fans in England. And no, we don’t get too many offers to play with popular punk bands that we respect and when we do, we usually have already booked a tour for those dates and have to turn the band down… but we will be playing a couple of shows in the Midwest with the Subhumans this April.

Touting that Leftöver Crack is “anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-cop, and anti-breeding, but pro-choice” — does the band still feel that they can be successful in America given that it is such an uphill battle?

Stza: Well, I think that we have already achieved a fair amount of success. When I talk to the fans that we do have, they are usually extremely enthusiastic about our music and political messages, the latter being the more important. I think if it wasn’t for our politics, we might sell a few more records, but people wouldn’t be steadily gravitating towards our back catalog over the years as they have. And as Immortal Technique says, if you go platinum, it just means a million people are as stupid as fuck.

While reading, I came across some information noting that you’ve spent some time in Mexico with the Zapatistas. How has that changed, influenced or confirmed the band’s music?

Stza: It’s hard to find popular revolutionary movements that have actually had some success, especially so close to the United States, where our government feels the need to crush all revolutionary activity. So, it’s definitely inspirational and reaffirming that we are not completely crazy and there are popular movements that thrive on many of the same principals that we hold dear.

I am a graduating business major and find myself constantly battling between the rules that govern our society and my personal ethics. I’m not trying to find a balance between my personal ethics and the political & business-based environment, because in doing so I have to greatly compromise my personal beliefs and integrity. I’ve heard that Leftöver Crack have been banned from certain clubs. Has this compromised the band’s beliefs at all, and how can I continue without giving up my beliefs?

Stza: No, when we are banned from clubs because of our political beliefs, it just reaffirms our righteousness. It’s easy to continue without compromising your beliefs — it simply involves shunning a lot of the best opportunities and settling for less money and less recognition.

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope that the band has a very successful tour this spring!

Stza: Gracias y viva la lucha.

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