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Cedar Rapids, IA

KMFDM “Tohuvabohu”

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Before breaking into an uncharacteristic slap bass beat “Super Power” recites begins with what has long since been a staple in the KMFDM diet, a self-glorifying gas “What can KMFDM do for you? Now for one low price KMFDM can blow your mind, rock your face off and jump start your heart. Come see and feel what km can do for you!” Dissimilar to other albums however, the pro-KMFDM jabber that continues throughout the song comes from fans who were invited to record and submit exactly what the band means to them.

Returning with Tohuvabohu, KMFDM’s sixteenth album in its twenty three year history, the group of electro-teasing industrialists hits with a set slightly more beat orientated than its last, Hau Ruck. Like the band’s effort to include its fans in the album it clearly makes an attempt throughout to cover a wide variety of its past sounds and themes. Tracks as “Looking For Strange” sounds reminiscent to the spin-off MDFMK, “I Am What I Am” is a slower driving track that pummels like much of the band’s mid-career catalogue and “Saft Und Kraft” pummels with Al Jourgensen-like temper. The album will be released via Metropolis Records August 21st.

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