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Cedar Rapids, IA

Kings of Leon “Only by the Night” Review

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Not to say that it would be right to be expecting Only By The Night to sound like a string of “Molly’s Chambers” or “King Of the Rodeo”-sounding songs, but if you were – it may be helpful to brace yourself ahead of time. The album is far glossier than anything heard from the band previously, but is that such a shocking thing considering the millions of fans and nice haircuts they’ve acquired since blooming earlier this decade? OBTN teases grit with its lead single “Sex on Fire” and the fuzzed out “Crawl,” but the album cannot escape the easily-consumable shadow cast by the bulk of its songs. Not to put the lyrical quality ahead of my enjoyment of the album, and certainly not to mock the songwriter’s ability, (I am a fan of Death Magnetic, after all) but at times singer Caleb Followill’s words come off a bit generic. All the same he delivers the lyrics with a vocal sincerity that is often unheard of. Likewise, the album isn’t bad – it’s different, polished and serves as a logical next step for such a band – but it still leaves you longing for the type of music that elevated Kings of Leon to such great heights.

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