Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Kill the Vampires in Your Life

Published in Blog.

Identifying the vampires in our lives is vital to personal evolution and bucking complacency.

As Duncan Trussell asks in this video clip, What’s sucking you of your happiness? What are the things in your life that are keeping you from succeeding, progressing, or simply being happy? These things are vampires and if we don’t recognize them as such they will continue to suck us dry.

As Trussell explains, vampires only go where they’re invited. The people and situations that are most damaging in our lives have the ability of draining us of our livelihood because we allow them to do so. Similar to those who are stuck in abusive relationships, paralyzed by the fear of walking away, we’ll often try to convince ourselves that these blood-suckers aren’t really vampires — that we don’t have to leave, or that we don’t have to cut them out of our lives. Vampires can be seductive and manipulating, but recognizing them for what they are is crucial. “You don’t kill a vampire by having a sit-down talk with a vampire,” continues Trussell. “You shine the light of truth onto the situation [and] fearlessly analyze it, and then you’ll destroy it.” It’s important to determine what the vampires are in our lives and acknowledge them as such, but doing so is only part of the equation — taking action is vital to making real change.

Even after accepting vampires for what they are, it’s easy to avoid removing them from our lives because of the expectation that doing so will hurt us more in the long run. And it’s true: killing our vampires might leave us temporarily crushed. Crushed, perhaps, but alive, and able to move forward. Actively purging these destructive blood-suckers from our lives will ultimately lend us liberation from unnecessary misery and grant us the freedom to again be our true selves.