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Katt Williams “The Pimp Chronicles: Part 1″ DVD Review

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Through his smoke riddled introduction Snoop Dogg accepts a new role, that of an advisor to young Katt Williams. Through a progressively nonsensical speech Snoop encourages Katt to live up to the greats that have come before him, following the lines of “telling it like it is and not like it was,” and reminds Williams that in doing so he too will find great success. “I’m gonna go up to the stars, and I want you to meet me there;” Snoop concludes an introduction fit for one of comedy’s boldest young voices, an introduction fit for Katt Williams. Through the filmed-for-HBO performance Williams generates critically essential criticisms of life’s short-comings, the war in Iraq and the falsities of Hollywood glamour. But don’t worry, it’s not all straight, he still finds time to deliver a few jokes about drugs and DMX.

Before recently establishing himself as the first host of the BET Hip Hop Awards, Williams made it clear through this performance that he is no joke, he is all game. Despite cracking jokes with the likes of Lil’ Jon and co-Dipset member Cam’Ron throughout the show, Williams keeps a clear mind to that which he holds important, continually returning to a statement he holds dear “enjoy your life.” Even through the bills and the daily battles everyone faces, even after realizing how hard life is and how true people aren’t, you’ve got to enjoy life. And seconds into his routine it’s easy to figure out that Williams does just that.

In one of the defining statements of his performance Williams attempts to define the war in Iraq and why people are forced to plead apathy. He talks about how the government sugarcoats press releases, announcing the murder and killing of Iraqi civilians as the killing of insurgents. No one can identify with that, he continues “I don’t know no insurgents I don’t even have an insurgents friend.” But when disguised within his act his statements don’t come off as harsh or ingenuous. Williams is from middle America, he’s from Ohio, and through illustrations and jokes such as this he introduces his thoughts through relevant illustrations allowing people to grasp a deeper sense of his subject while not forgetting the absurdity of the whole thing.

The government is a bunch of pimps. If you’ve been selling weed since 1994 and you haven’t moved up to cocaine by 2006 – you are doing something wrong. Michael Jackson: if someone says you smoke crack for twenty years, chances are you smoke crack; stop playing with kids. Everything that Williams touches on showcases his grasp for current Americana, that being something that might only exist in idea. At his core Williams praises diversity and equalization, increased freedoms and a decrease in closed minds. But above all else, by the end of his routine, you too are reminded of the true importance of enjoying your life. Pimp.

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