Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Kanye West “Christmas in Harlem”

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Just as he’s done all year long, Kanye West has once again dropped some free love on us in the form of his latest Good Friday release, “Christmas in Harlem.” And like he’s done with track after track which were offered leading up to the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, West has again recruited an all-star cast to help give the song its pop. The Christmas vibe isn’t to suggest that “Harlem” isn’t without its controversies though, as MTV explained recently, the addition of Cam’Ron to the track is perhaps an odd one considering the Dipset MC’s recent shot at Kanye on the “Runaway” remix he did with Jim Jones. “And Kanye, you a sucka n*gga, dissed Dame so my attitude is fuck the n*gga/Sucked off Jigga, how you gonna live with that?/Took the beat, now come get it back.” Despite the spat, the two have apparently put that behind them in celebration of the season. Happy holidays, y’all.

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