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Cedar Rapids, IA

Lindstrøm vs. Jim Jones mashed by The Hood Internet’s ABX

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The Hood Internet have long since been two of my favorite bootleggers, and it kind of feels like they were finally accepted into mashup culture (if there is such a thing) around the end of 2008. After A plus D teamed up with the duo to host the first ever Bootie Chicago in late-October I was lead to believe that big things were still yet to come for ABX and DJ STV SLV. And I was right. Already this year they’ve taken on headlining roles in addition to a local residency of sorts at Chicago’s Q101 where they’re dropping new Chicagoland-based mashups every week.

Though not a Chicago-based track (clearly) ABX’s “Where You Pop Champagne I Pop Too” blends one of last year’s most underrated artists (Lindstrøm) with one of the world’s most overrated (Jim Jones). A tag for the track reads, “if this doesn’t kill autotune what will,” and I’d only hope that to be true. While I like the mash, I’m tired of “Pop Champagne,” tired of “Arab Money,” tired of Weezy, and tired of Kanyeezy. Here’s hoping for a little innovation as the year progresses.

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