Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Jay Smooth’s “Ill Doctrine”

Published in Blog, Culture Bully. Tags: . founder Jay Smooth recently started the world’s first official video blog and the site has hit deep this week with Jay’s most recent post “Truth, Poets and Money.” After familiarizing myself with the site last week I quickly became a fan. His latest commentary reconfirms my initial thoughts that Jay’s thoughts are well constructed and based deeply within a conscious reality. This episode deals with Oprah’s recent town hall meeting in which Russell Simmons attempts to defend the language and delivery of rappers, suggesting that the creative protection and artistic freedom associated with poets should too be given to rappers.

Jay then suggests Simmons’ motives to financially inspired, suggesting his mid-1990s “horrorcore” as proof (did that project also speak the truth of the poets, he asks). While Simmons claims that many rappers lyrics suggest the truth of their inner voice Jay disputes this citing Young Jeezy and Jim Jones as those who fail to represent reality. Rather, he states, they represent a reality-based fast food product; instead of selling you reality, Jay claims, they are selling you “reality flavored cheeseburgers.” I implore you to check out the episode here and head over to the site for more fantastic commentary.

[This post was first published by Culture Bully.]