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Cedar Rapids, IA

Jarvis “Running The World” Video

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Jarvis Cocker is the type of artist that I’ve long since built respect for but without entirely basing that respect in omnipresent fandom. I L U V loved “Common People” when it came out and at the time I believe I purchased the album through the bottomless pit known as Columbia House(random side note). Since then however there have only been a few moments when Pulp has blatantly registered on my radar. 1998’s This is Hardcore, for example, made me take notice as it hit my adolescent eyes with its tastefully insightful (pornographic) album cover. But after that, I had heard only scattered bits here and there of new material, or rather, new material worth listening to.

It wasn’t until January, with a friend’s unusual ire towards a record shop for selling an import of Jarvis’ latest that I again took notice. Follow that scenario with absolutely wonderful contributions to both Air and Charlotte Gainsbourg and I have again taken deep notice. So if nothing else, listen to “Running the World” and if you like it, tell a friend. Though, if you really like it, I encourage you to run to your local record outlet and request it by name, Jarvis!

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