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Cedar Rapids, IA

The Fire Now Teases: Jake La Botz

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Something remarkable happens when you listen to music that you’re jealous of. Not jealous in the sense that you’re jealous of the musician or his struggles and accomplishments. Not in the sense that you wish you could bend a note like them, or whisper a truth the way they do. But it’s a complete feeling that overcomes you, without forcing a dirty convoluted afterthought. Jake La Botz plays and you feel like you have found music, something remarkable, and something to openly be jealous of.

At times he can roll a Dr. John growl where one would expect a gritty country slur, at times his music pushes the limits of lost Delta greats, and at times he makes you reconsider whether or not he could be Hank III’s running mate. But sometimes it’s the stories behind the musician that spark jealousy’s interest. Recently completing a twenty three date tattoo parlor only tour has its effects on a musician, typically being mental and physical wear which come from the toils the road has to give. But in La Botz’s case, in addition to the road’s pains, the effects included twenty three tattoos. The fire now teases.

Something remarkable happens when you watch a movie that makes you jealous; and most of the time that jealousy stems from an actor’s capabilities to confine your mind into believing that the screen’s deception is reality. Steve Buscemi is one such actor.

“Jake is the modern day Hank Williams.” – Steve Buscemi.

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