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Iowa Rock Playlist

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Coolzey Iowa Playlist

The Iowa Rock playlist features rock from Iowa including indie, pop, folk, roots, blues, and more. (Pictured: Coolzey)

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Playlist Updates:

William Elliott Whitmore Iowa

New Standards Men “Dunedin”
Land of Blood and Sunshine “Wormwood”
William Elliott Whitmore “Dance With Me”
The Deeves “Make You”
Surf Zombies “Badass”
The Rush Cleveland Trio “Hard Times”
Luke Hawley “Murder in the Heart, Murder in the Hand”
Ben Dunegan “Head West”
Pieta Brown “Other Way Around”
The Mamiltons “Blue Bird”
Bridget Kearney “Security Camera”
Mr. Softheart “Magnolia”
Sterling Bidler “.”
McKenna Alise & the Great Galvanic Divide “Movement III”
Dana T “A Million Earths in the Sun”
Ion Alexakis “Broken Glass”
sarah tonin “selfish”
Tomato Boy “January Storm”
Tom Hummer “What Makes You Insane”
Diamond Avenue “Spinning”
(January 28, 2023 Update / Pictured: William Elliott Whitmore)

Bella Moss Iowa

Bella Moss “Sudden Strangers”
Emma Butterworth “Look Me in My Eyes”
EleanorGrace “Timeless”
Anthony Worden “Aht Uh Mi Hed”
Purple Frank feat. Barleby & the Common Loon “Dog”
Patresa Hartman “Borrowed Name”
Holding Hour “Hopes & Horoscopes”
Kelly Pardekooper “You Don’t Say”
Lodge Cove Collective “Can’t Complain”
Cedar County Cobras “Sewing Machine”
The Book of Bugs “2:12 AM”
Instant DeTh “Carried Away”
Dave Helmer “Anyone to Blame”
Trevor Sensor “Honest Abel, Old Red Tiger”
The Bird Hunters “Home Again”
28 Days Later “Phases”
The Halloween Special “Derecho”
Casey Klein “The Wizard of Wah”
The Ruralists “Sea Legs”
The High Crest “Front Porch Boogie”
(January 3, 2024 Update / Pictured: Bella Moss)

Glitter Density Iowa

Pollinators “Wanted”
Glitter Density “Woah!”
Hot Tang “Animal”
teaze “New Leaf”
Hex Girls “Cats With No Teeth (Catch No Mice)”
Annalibera “Blooms”
Bstar “Brandon Hambright”
Karen Meat “Backing Up”
Parlours “Liars”
Jordan Sellergren “Celine”
Lodge Cove Collective “Next to Nowhere”
Stutterin’ Jimmy & the Goosebumps “Brought to You in Mono”
Bo Ramsey & Mark Knopfler “Wounded Dog”
Tough Ghost “Queen of the Trailer Park”
Brittany Sword “Thinking of You”
Kathryn Severing Fox “Summer Moon”
Eric Petit Lion “Black Coffee”
Courtney Krause “In Mind”
Pure Service “Futures Bleak”
North of Grand “Hey Man”
the Rathbones “Recognize Me”
The Deleters “This”
Megababes “I’ve Gotta Know”
Ty Bailey “Sagittarius”
Mondo Drag “Rising Omen”
Stoned Crow “Make Believe”
Red Dirt Renegade “Fences to Mend”
Canby “Some Day”
Brad & the Big Wave “A Life of Somedays”
King Bartlett & the Royal Band “Find Your Home”
(December 7, 2023 Update / Pictured: Glitter Density)

Greg Brown Iowa

Andersen Coates “Assassin (Anxiety)”
Greg Brown “One Wrong Turn”
DICKIE “Unbelievable”
28 Days Later “All Hard Feelings”
Land of Blood and Sunshine “Iojua”
Subatlantic “Critic”
Max Jury “Numb”
English “Directions”
Tires “Hatchback”
Wave Cage “Dreaming”
Adonai Melodias & Nick Wilkins “HER KNIGHT & SHINING ARMOR (Sped Up)”
Cedar County Cobras “Shake It Right”
Joe Price “Headache”
Huxley Madeline “Whiskey Water Hole”
OwenZane “Reaper (Bedroom Acoustic Demo)”
Allie Crummy “Daylight Savings”
Wolfskill & The Wild “Something We Don’t Say”
Bonnie Koloc “After All This Time”
Pieta Brown “Back to You”
Left is West “Too Weird for the Weirdos”
William J Locker “Between The Lines”
Dave Helmer “Kiss the Sun”
Juehring “Sunday Drive”
Seth Clow and the Silver Liners “T.L.C. (Ol’ Stumpy)”
Face It Tiger “Sad Tobey Maguire”
Lewis Knudsen “Lost Voices”
The Envy Corps “Med. Song”
Halfloves “Hamartia”
Near Misses “Juncture”
Worst Impressions “yeah”
(November 5, 2023 Update / Pictured: Greg Brown)

Kelly Pardekooper Iowa

Sean Tyler “Drive Me Home”
Lady Revel “Mood Music”
Nick Wilkins feat. Adonai Melodias, Scott Griffin, Ethan Traugh & JUJU! “You Help Me Breathe”
Maaaze “Wisdom Tooth”
Lou Sherry “Friendly Advisors”
Jad Fair & Samuel Locke Ward “Invaders from Mars”
Extravision “Born Born Born”
River Glen “we are here”
Dan Tedesco “You Want Me to Stay (But I Have to Go)”
Kelly Pardekooper “Mr. Middle”
William Elliott Whitmore “Adaptation and Survival”
Michael Moncada & Whiskey High “Fuck Him”
Brittany Sword “Johnny”
Cameron Neal & Connor Neal “Take Me to the Sky”
Riff Worm & The Heist “Wind Blow”
Near Misses “Backside”
Jake Stack “Drive”
Night Bees “She Sits & Waits”
Hot Kunch “Struggy Bus”
Worst Impressions “Oceans”
(October 8, 2023 Update / Pictured: Kelly Pardekooper)

Run Wilson Iowa Band

Lily DeTaeye “Hive Mind”
The River Monks “Loam and Rye”
Run Wilson “Twin”
Origami Animals “I’ll Do What I Want”
Austin Barnhill “Hideous Hiatus”
Kelsie James “Act My Age”
Sean Tyler “For You”
Cable the Man “Here With You (Happy 2nd Anniversary!)”
Lady Revel “Jeanette”
City Gardens “Daydream”
Satchel Bruna “Directionless Love”
Josh Elwer “Far from Home”
Jeff Schipull “Rainbows and Blowjobs”
BBjr “A Loving Cup”
The Velies “Tonight”
Guss Royall “Castle”
The New Bodies “One More Winter”
Electric Jury “The Nihilist”
Christopher the Conquered “Ordinary Person”
Lionessa “Old Empty House”
(September 10, 2023 Update / Pictured: Run Wilson)

Halfloves Iowa

Halfloves “Bass Drum”
Subatlantic “Ava”
Tripmaster Monkey “Silvis Blues”
The Sapwoods “Are You Lightning?”
Logan Springer & the Wonderfully Wild “High Plains Wind”
Pieta Brown & Calexico “In the Light”
Liana “Elysian Fields”
Chrash “Great Costumes”
Land of Blood and Sunshine “Driving With a Ghost”
Dark Family “Mary Margaret Abigail”
Maaaze “Burn It Down”
The Other Brothers “Little Thing”
Kelly Pardekooper “Little Miss Cheetah”
Soapbox Prophets “The Red Dress”
Good Morning Midnight “Isaac Sincerely”
Ducharme-Jones “Two Satellites”
The Maw “Interlude”
Joretta Oaks “Crowded Streets”
Housefire “Bipolar”
Hurry Up, Brothers “Salt Water Faith”
(August 5, 2023 Update / Pictured: Halfloves)

Courtney Krause Iowa

Courtney Krause “North”
Lily DeTaeye “East Coast Dreamboat”
SLW cc Watt “Real Bleak”
Enoch Smoky “It’s Cruel”
Condor and Jaybird “The Glory I”
Horny Genius “Faults”
Greg Brown “Cold & Dark & Wet”
Pink Neighbor “Ursula’s Fingers”
Davis John Patton “Rosewood”
24thankyou “Hound”
Extravision “The Fear of Missing Out”
Awful Purdies “I Got Friends”
the night lights “Skipping Like a Stone”
Flash in a Pan “On the Run”
Erick Hovey “When Will I See You Again”
Catfish Keith “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground”
David Zollo “Poor Backslider”
Tribe “‘Way She Goes”
root of noise “Dreamin”
The Autumn Project “Five”
(July 23, 2023 Update / Pictured: Courtney Krause)

Neil Anders Iowa

Neil Anders “In Between”
EleanorGrace “Daydreams”
Elizabeth Moen “Nobody Wants a Lonely Heart”
Joe Price “Nobody But You”
Matt Woods “Sawdust and Gasoline”
Strong Like Bear “The Slow Collapse”
Superchief “Raise the Flag”
Volcano Boys “Move On”
Hex Girls “Electric Eel”
Ramona & the Sometimes “Lung Sandwich”
Halfloves “Not Too Keen”
Annalibera “Help Yourself”
Bonnie Koloc “Don’t Leave Me”
Emma Butterworth “Fool’s Gold”
Fred Love “On the Mend”
Abbie Sawyer “Love is a Flood”
Lodge Cove Collective “Nothing Behind”
The Ruralists “Secret Secret”
Purple Frank “Sick Boy”
Eric Paul “Is Something Wrong?”
(July 8, 2023 Update / Pictured: Neil Anders)

House of Large Sizes Iowa Band

Kevin Burt “Something Special About You”
Kelly Pardekooper “Brand New Bag”
Tripmaster Monkey “Ruined in Rouen”
Over the River “Down”
Jordan Sellergren “Like Water”
Jordan Jeffrey Messerole “Take It With You When You Leave”
English “Man with No Name”
Alex Arthur “We Grew Up”
House of Large Sizes “Carpool Lung”
BONNE “Beauty in Ashes”
Arthur Russell “Your Motion Says”
Nick Wilkins “Streems”
Dirty Blonde “She Wore Blue”
Run Wilson “Crows”
Crystal City “Public Square”
Chrash “Didn’t We Have History Together”
28 Days Later “Right on Red”
Brian Johannesen “Maggie Valley”
Davis John Patton “We Can Find a Place”
The Host Country “We All Die Alone”
(June 25, 2023 Update / Pictured: House of Large Sizes)

Emma Butterworth Iowa Singer

Miss Christine “My Brain”
Trevor Sensor “Sedgwick”
GhostCat “Lucille”
McLarnan “An Accidental Wish Upon Your Unlucky Star”
Emma Butterworth “Dance of the Dead”
Kelsie James “Things That We Don’t Talk About”
William J Locker “Hook”
Elizabeth Moen “Headgear”
Pictoria Vark “Wyoming”
Penny Peach “Leddin It All Go”
Sara Routh “Evelyn”
William Elliott Whitmore “Healing to Do”
James Tutson “Back Down”
The Maytags “Pt. 3”
Diplomats of Solid Sound “Don’t Touch My Popcorn”
Anthony Worden “VoilĂ ”
Christian Lief “Freaks in Disguise”
Seth Cloe and the Silver Liners “Borrowed Time”
Hot Kunch “Water Boi”
Bouquet “Curtain Call”
(June 10, 2023 Update / Pictured: Emma Butterworth)

Max Jury Iowa Musician

Melody English “Parasite”
Keuning “If You Say So”
Sires “Deep in the Dark”
Bridget Kearney “Capable”
Max Jury “Peace of Mind”
Lex Leto “I love you”
Lily DeTaeye “100 Cuts”
The Vahnevants “Dixie Flyer”
Courtney Krause “Follow”
Tom Hummer “Wringer”
Kelly Pardekooper “Johnson County Snow”
Neil Anders “All Wrong”
Julie Christiensen “Gatling Gun”
Sarah Darling “Pretender”
Brian Johannesen “Fremont”
Juehring “Evenin’ blues”
Preacher Boy “Cornbread”
Crystal City “Rock & Roll Coffee”
The Nadas “Other Side of the 45”
Condor & Jaybird “Lightbringer VII”
(May 29, 2023 Update / Pictured: Max Jury)

Annalibera Iowa

Annalibera “Coquette”
Ariias “Mosquito Bites”
Pieta Brown “Wishes Falling Through the Rain”
Bo Ramsey “Can’t Sleep”
Riff Worm “Feels”
Karen Meat “Pizza & Beer”
Brother Trucker “I Like It”
Jordan Mayland “Lie Detector”
Holly & the Night Owls “His Secret”
Perfume Genius “Describe”
Christian Lief “If I Could”
Sophie Mitchell feat. New World Vulture “Purple & Red”
Early Girl “Sawhorse Sweetie”
New Age Crisis “Voodoo”
Doctor Murdock “March to the Meaninglessness”
Miss Christine “Profound”
Strong Like Bear “The Breezeway”
The Nadas “Love Divided”
Flavor Basket “Gummy Bear”
The Slats “I Wrote the Code”
(May 12, 2023 Update / Pictured: Annalibera)

Paul Cary Iowa Rock

Subatlantic “Cups”
Dan Tedesco “Morning Run”
The Other Brothers “The Clementine”
The Whiskee Shakes “The Winner”
Logan Springer & The Wonderfully Wild “Can’t Complain”
Paul Cary “Ghost of a Man”
Jake Stack and the Unincorporated “The Hope They Bled”
Eric Paul “Killer”
Dope Walker “Made to Disappear”
Chrash “The Office (British Version)”
Arthur Russell “Instrumentals: Volume 1 – Part 1”
Twins “Buffalo Snow”
The Ruralists “People Are People Too”
Davis John Patton “Motives”
David Huckfelt “Stranger Angels”
the lowe “would”
Brutal Republic “Hangman”
Bleujack “God Goggles”
Rob Lumbard “Rood Rag”
(April 30, 2023 / Pictured: Paul Cary)

Pyko Da Syko Iowa

Pyko Da Syko “White Lie”
William J Locker “Hear My Name”
Logan Springer “Best I Can”
William Elliott Whitmore “Hell or High Water”
Annie Kemble “Black & Blue / Blood & Sea”
Erik Whittaker “Not Yet Dark”
Chase Schweitzer “Ghost Story”
Unknown Component “Holding Pattern”
The Aircraft “Be My Home”
Ramona and the Sometimes “Plant Mom”
(April 1, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Pyko Da Syko)

Pieta Brown Iowa Musician

The Envy Corps “Screen Test”
Ben Driscoll “Low Lost Friend Blues”
Pieta Brown “Not Scared”
DICKIE “Forty-Five”
Bella Moss “Out West”
Milk & Eggs “Buddy Brown”
Riff Worm “Demon Drinker”
Strong Like Bear “Three Wizards”
Mr. Softheart “Caravaggio”
Hazer “The Good Book”
(March 16, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Pieta Brown)

Tough Ghost Iowa Band

Tough Ghost “Western No. 1”
The Rush Cleveland Trio “The Kids Don’t Care”
House of Large Sizes “I’ll Find It”
Craig Erickson “Blues River”
Good Morning Midnight “Burial Ground / Breeding Ground, Pt. 2”
Jinnouchi Power “Harakiri”
Look @ Me “Vices & Goodbyes”
Elizabeth Zimmerman “No Secret”
Elison “Meet Me Halfway”
Danny Russell Wolf “Double Dutch”
(March 2, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Tough Ghost)

Coolzey Iowa Rock Musician

Purple Frank “Dippin’ Dots”
Allegra Hernandez “Pulley Gift Exchange”
Coolzey “Yr Gonna Get Us Killed”
Bryon Dudley “Can of Worms”
Catfish Keith “Tell Everybody”
Bo Ramsey “Stranger Blues”
Bonnie Koloc Singer Songwriter “Sweet Mama”
Trevor Sensor “Madison Square Garden”
Christian Lief “Sail On”
Elizabeth Moen feat. William Elliott Whitmore “Trouble”
(February 16, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Coolzey)

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