Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Inauguration: Perspectives

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Regardless of party affiliation (or lack thereof) Obama’s speech in Chicago’s Grant Park was one of the most uplifting and inspiring that I have ever heard. To give someone without health care and a living wage hope for a better tomorrow is not an easy thing to do. But here I am, still reeling in unbelief of a chance at brighter future and (dare I say) an honest feeling of pride in that fact that I am an American.

Henry Rollins once suggested that it would be the coolest thing in the world to have the Ramones or James Brown as President, because no matter where they went – shit would blow up and parties would break out. How amazing would that be – to not hate your nation’s leader – to celebrate the fact that you voted for him and that he actually considers those he represents? If Obama comes back to Minneapolis, I guarantee that shit will blow up and a party will break out – because that’s what we will have come – a president that we love.

[This post was originally published by Ill Vibes.]