Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

iamamiwhoami presents “To Whom It May Concern” finale

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A “live concert” was teased from the mysterious iamamiwhoami this past September 30, with a tentative date of November 11 listed as the due date for the vague performance. Recently posting a video which hinted at a snag in the original plan, Joanna Lee and crew unveiled the 16th of November as the new kickoff for the performance. Announced to go live at 12:01 am (Swedish time… which I imagine it did… not living in Sweden, nor catching it as it debuted), “To Whom It May Concern” fully captures the wide-reaching artistic focus of the series and serves as a brilliant closing to the still-baffling narrative. Quietly the act matched the epic nature of Kanye West’s 34 minute “Runaway” video, while still retaining an earthy sense of mystical amazement. Were explicit answers given? No. But they weren’t needed either. Rather, just we were given all that we could ask for: an ending; even if it is only a conclusion to this particular chapter in the iamamiwhoami story. The ride, though a long and curiously vague one, was well worth it. Thanks for the adventure!

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