Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Just When You Thought Hyphy Was Forever, Whitey Crashed The Party And Ruined Everything (Again)

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As with most things in American culture, one can gauge how far past a trend is by how white is becomes. That being said, it seemed only a matter of time before hyphy went the way of the crunk – white and tired. Did it peak with Mistah FAB, Ghost Ride The Whip: The Movie, or with some random white kids demonstrating that even with props – white people can’t dance? No – it was when this happened:

“Ghost ridin’ grandma” – the three words that killed hyphy.

On a mostly unrelated note, this mash was introduced to me recently – and while it has absolutely nothing to do with ghost ridin’, whips, or crazy ass street dancing it does have a lot to do with Ghostbusters. And no matter how bunk the title sounds, I suggest you checking it out (if only for the novelty of it if nothing else).

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