Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Hataraqq feat. Schelli Tolliver “Slow Woks” Video

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During my time spent in Kansas City this year I came across a local producer online, making synth-heavy beats under the Hataraqq alias. Primarily sharing short snippets, and stamping most songs with a unique Cab Calloway imprint, his music reflects a happy medium between Weeknd-leaning nonchalance and traditional hip hop. I really dig his style.

Slow Woks” (which I misread for about six months as “Slow Works”) stood out to me when we originally met, and the track stuck to my bones long after I returned to Nashville. In reconnecting with my friend recently, we put together the idea for this video: Something in the vein of “Revolution 909” with Eddie Murphy, James Brown, c-walking, and Buns of Steel cuts… because what’s a good music video without VHS-ripped jazzercise clips?

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