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Mashups of the Week: The Hood Internet & Halloween mixes

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Biz Markie Phoenix Mashup

This week Chicago’s Hood Internet hit their 300th mashup & celebrated by autotuning Biz Markie and mashing “Just a Friend” with Phoenix and Classixx. For those interested in more of the Hood, ABX & DJ STV SLV will be dropping their fourth mixtape November 9.

ABX “Just A Friendomania” (mp3)

Mashed Slashed

As is tradition, a number of producers have assembled some new music for this year’s run of bastard-pop Halloween soundtracks. Though not bearing titles nearly as enjoyable as those in the past (ex: The Bride of Monster Mash-Up) they still offer up solid mixes that are certain to irritate the hell out of the majority of entertain party-goers on Halloween.

Mashup Industries Mashed ‘n’ Slashed (zip)

DJ Useo Halloween 2009 EP (zip)

Cheekyboy Halloween Haunt 2009 (zip)

Copycat “Psychos, Lunatics and Crazy Ghosts” (mp3)

This past week Girl Talk played the Halifax Pop Explosion and New York City’s Pier 54. Spinner and Prefix have recaps and photos of the shows.

For its last album, Raditude, Weezer collaborated with Lil Wayne for what is sure-bet to make this year’s shortlist of the most unnecessary songs. With that in mind, as DJ Magnet suggests with “Beverly Hills, LA,” the idea of Weezer working within the realm of hip hop isn’t such a far fetched idea though. It’s almost shocking at how good Murs sounds over the (once great) band.

DJ Magnet “Beverly Hills, LA” (mp3)

Slayers Mashups

In keeping with the Halloween theme–hey, what’s Halloween without Slayer, right–DJ Schmolli collected a variety of previously released Slayer mashes and has released them all as Slayed, Chopped and Recycled: A Bastard Bob Tribute to Slayer. The collection’s best track, which is also the only previously unreleased song, is the Slayer/Motorhead mash “Ensemble of Aces.” If you’re feeling it, check out the entire mix here:

DJ Schmolli “Slayed, Chopped and Recycled: A Bastard Bob Tribute to Slayer” (zip)

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