Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

The Guystorm Critics’ Pick

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The Guystorm are set to host a release show for their debut 7-inch vinyl EP, The Dark Album, this Saturday. Since the group formed more than a year ago, their undeniable energy and frustratingly distorted post-punk, cast behind Angelo V. Pennacchio‘s flamboyant gasps and oft-politically focused wails, have made them worthy of the “next in line” label among the Cities’ best young bands. The majority of the EP’s songs have been works in progress for the majority of the band’s tenure together, which means two things: The Dark Album is going to be packed with crafted, well-rounded songs, as opposed to hastily tossed-together train wrecks; and as the Guystorm’s recent studio set for KFAI’s Radio Revolucion showcased, the release show is going to be explosive. Joining the band will be Lookbook, Haunted House, and DJ Twin Tower$. 21+.

[This critics’ pick was originally published by City Pages.]