Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Green Day Critics’ Pick

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Developed out of a childhood friendship between guitarist and singer Billy Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt, Green Day went from a group of slumming teenagers playing punk to global successes while still in their early 20s. Falling out of commercial grace (which is relative, considering they still maintained sales figures and a solid following that most bands would kill for) with subsequent releases, they again rose to prominence with the 2004’s rock opera (of sorts), American Idiot. Selling some 14 million albums worldwide, AI re-launched the band into the mainstream’s consciousness; the album was revered by many critics as one of, if not the, best of the year. Now returning with another thematically inspired recording, Green Day have again propelled themselves atop the charts with 21st Century Breakdown. The band’s collage of fear and loathing in the new America is a melting pot of punk-inspired riffs and classic-rock dramatics. Already having showcased their new material on the Today Show, the Tonight Show and, well, any outlet that would have them (which is to say, just about all of them), the band are now taking to the road for a massive 39-date North American tour. Expect theatrics, expect the grandiose, and expect to see a band do their best to live up to tremendous hype. With the Bravery.

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