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Cedar Rapids, IA

21st Century Industrialization: The Gilded Age

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Gilded Age Band Minneapolis

Lead by the stripped down, honky-tonkless Jimmy Dale Gilmore vocals of Evan Dvorsak The Gilded Age sound straight out of a retrospective time capsule film on the deep south round the turn of the century. There are so many individual pieces of sound that seem handpicked to suit their individual place in the larger picture, and when asked, multi-instrumentalist Travis Evan described the band’s sound, “there’s definitely elements of cosmic country (Gram Parsons, The Byrds, Beachwood Sparks, etc.) but there’s also some honky-tonk and country that most people just kind of shy away from nowadays.” Having all grown up listening to a wide array of genres seems to have had its effect on each of the band’s five members, whose musicianship ranges from pedal-steel guitar, to the ukulele, to the good ol’ cowbell. Evan continued by comparing Neil Young’s influence to a variety of modern bands including the Fruit bats, Golden Shoulders and Nobody & The Sadies, “mix that together with some Zombies and Big Star and you’ve basically got us.”

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