Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

The Fresh Fighter

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With the new Foo Fighters album becoming available online during the past 24 hours it felt appropriate to continue this journey back into the ’90s with a look at the group’s first crossover hit: “Big Me.” With other standouts from the Foo’s debut album including such hard-hitting tracks as “I’ll Stick Around” and “This is a Call,” “Big Me” was definitely an unexpected outlier in terms of the LP’s sound. Additionally, the release of the song as a single, and more importantly a music video, marked a significant turn in the way the group promoted itself. Not only did the track reveal a softer musical side of the band to listeners, but in spoofing a series of notorious Mentos commercials, the music video became the band’s first to reflect the group’s charming sense of humor; a trend that has continued through the years, most recently showing up in the clip for “White Limo.”

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