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Cedar Rapids, IA

Feist “1234″ VanShe Technologic Remix

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While I played the role of a mere casual listener when it came to Feist’s 2004 record Let it Die I’ve come to greatly enjoy a variety of the releases included in this year’s The Reminder. With my increased interest I figured it couldn’t hurt to learn a little more about the woman whose music I have come to enjoy and I was greatly surprised by what I found. I, like many others I presume, simply knew Leslie Feist through her role in Broken Social Scene but found it surprising to learn that her musical career was given birth in my hometown. It was in Calgary where her musical leanings came to fruition and for no honorable reason that I can think of I can’t help but feel proud of that fact. From a punk band in the Canadian prairie to an indie pop luminary. Here’s a fantastic remix I received today of her upcoming single “1234.”

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