Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Everclear “Jesus Was a Democrat”

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Everclear, who haven’t posted a single on any American chart since 2003, have followed up this year’s covers album with yet another unnecessary release, “Jesus Was a Democrat.” The song specifically takes aim at Americans who love Jesus but hate non-whites. And apparently, according to Alexakis, such people are not Democrats. “Jesus didn’t look like the boy next door, unless you live in Palestine.” The song which goes on to suggest that Jesus would not vote for John McCain if he were alive today, raises a number of serious questions – the most serious being, why did God choose to give this information to, of all people, Art Alexakis? “I’m pretty God-damned sure that you and your friends would find some way to kill him all over again.” Leave it to Everclear to take immaculate information and immediately spite God with blasphemy. “Jesus Was a Democrat” is available as a free download via the band’s official site. [Everclear]

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