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Ethereal Iowa Playlist

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Iowa Playlist

The Ethereal Iowa playlist features ambient, classical, experimental, instrumentals and other chill vibes from Iowa. Infrequent updates to the playlist were added from July 2022 through January 2024, with a large number of addition tracks being added in February 2024. This playlist is no longer being updated regularly. (Pictured: Pikes Peak State Park in McGregor, Iowa)

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Playlist Updates:

Cedar Rapids Winter Snow

Bruce Brubaker “Music for Airports, 1/1”
Christian Lief “CREATURE”
Slow 404 “crime report”
NightRazor “FALL”
My Love Underwater “Amended Return”
FVNTVNV “Die Riddim (Interlude)”
Byrun & Bornguesser “Rest Assured”
Alienate “Make Me Love Me”
BUTT3R “why am i here”
Barry Phipps “Modular One Number Twenty Four”
Arthur Russell “Not Checking Up”
Karen Gwyer “Nail Bars of the Apocalypse”
BBJr “No Road Long Enough”
Extravision “Silver Moon Sliver”
Pets With Human Names “Hollow”
Geneviève Gros-Louis “THE FLOWER MOON”
Lex Leto “gather”
McLarnan “To Memories We Can’t Recall”
Finally Some Action “The Ladder”
Phoenix Novatron “Diet Mt. Dew”
(January 20, 2024 Update / Pictured: Cedar Rapids Snowfall)


Ian Landuyt “Emotionless Desert”
Extravision “Spiritual Ritual”
a. goodword “The memory is the least of it -“
Bruce Brubaker “Emerald and Stone”
McLarnan “Reconnect”
Lex Leto “I AM THE MAN”
FVNTVNV “Reflection Pond”
Orange Juice Avalanche “Fantasmagoria”
Alienate “Water Xtal”
Shard “Absence”
Ira Rat “Algorithms > Feelings”
Huxley Madeline “Interlude 2”
The Tape-beatles “Point within a circle”
Cable the Man “June (Conclusion)”
The River Monks “Overture”
Aleodeology “Ever So Slowly”
Slow 404 “(re)creation”
root of noise “I Still Don’t Know If I Know”
Fawlty “Happy Blade Runner”
BBJr “Love Theme from ‘Lovewar'”
Ambient Matyk “Inside the Graveyard”
Barry Phipps “Modular One Number Thirteen”
Pets With Human Names “Crystals”
Justin K. Comer & David Clair “confound”
Garrett Joseph’s Ver Sacrum “Introduction”
Awful Purdies “Gunshy (Intro)”
Satchel Bruna “Beautiful Franchesca Mae”
Hurry Up, Brothers “Crushing Nostalgia”
JCϟjp “chickie-baby (カラオケ edition)”
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 “Burning Up”
(November 2, 2023 Update / Pictured: Dunning’s Spring Park)

Palisades-Kepler State Park Iowa

Bruce Brubaker “Metamorphosis 5”
Arthur Russell “Fuzzbuster #10”
a. goodword “consider the potential,”
Lex Leto “the dark alone it were my own”
Bridget Kearney & Benjamin Lazar Davis “Firu”
Charles Easton “8:30 Reservations at Dorsia”
Saag Paneer “Meets Some Expectations”
Timo Andres, Conor Hanick & Sufjan Stevens “Mnemosyne”
Jaimeo Brown Transcendence “I Said”
The Well Pennies “The Endling”
Nickk “Inspiration”
Karen Gwyer “Lentil”
Pieta Brown “Little Swainson”
Patty Waters “Touched By Rodin in a Paris Museum”
Sharel Cassity “Love’s Lament”
Kyler Boss “Reaching Out”
Gravis Somnia “Burial of a Dream”
Slipknot “What’s Next”
Goldblums “another little trip to wits’ end…”
(July 6, 2023 Update / Pictured: Palisades-Kepler State Park)

Love Sculpture Pappajohn Park Des Moines

William Campbell “Invitation”
Phoenix Novatron “December fourth4hhhh 01”
Dan Padley “C Dispatch”
Dueling Fiddles “Adagio for Strings”
Aleodeology “Explaining the Universe to a Child”
Orobadion “Moon of Opal”
Young Hawk IA “fish music”
Claimz “OOO”
Perfume Genius “No Problem”
Bo Ramsey “Out Here”
For Today “Instrumental”
Al Naylor “You Are My Love”
86plot “Identity”
Greg the Hero “Sleep”
Shining Realm “Phantom Caravan”
Barry Phipps “Modular One Number Nine”
Naughts “Unknowns”
Fawlty “Welcome Back”
Pollinators “Sunlight Creeps In”
Dividing the Masses “Needless to Say”
(May 14, 2023 Update / Pictured: Pappajohn Sculpture Park)

Maquoketa Caves State Park Iowa Hiking

Sylvee & The Sea, Pieta Brown, John Convertino “Wanted To”
Christine Rutledge, David Gompper, Scott Conklin & Courtney Miller “Suite for Viola & Piano, Op. 102b: I. Cantabile”
The Envy Corps “Una Corda”
Ira Rat “Entrap/Rec”
Timefield “The Coast is Clear”
The Curse of Hail “Static”
Aeon Grey “Payattentiontodetail”
Barry Phipps “Bag Handle – Vitrines”
Fawlty “Dreaming Below the Bleachers”
Kyle James “Outro”
(March 11, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Maquoketa Caves State Park )

Iowa Windmills

Winter Wayfarer “Ellinor”
Riquinni “Dance Macabre”
Halfloves “Snow (The Lagoon)”
Dirt Nasty Beats “Donuts”
William J Locker “Infinite”
Zap Tura “Please”
Mark Rushton + Aleodeology “Forgetting and Forgetting”
Bo Ramsey “Blue Earth”
Good Morning Midnight “Falling Apart”
Cameron Neal “Sunrise”
(February 3, 2023 Playlist Update / Pictured: Iowa Windmills)

Palisades-Kepler State Park Iowa Hiking

LYON “Noircissement”
McLarnan “Co Hwy F14”
Highrise. “Shitsuren”
Clarisse “Curtain Call”
Double Figure “Twin Prime”
Slow 404 “The Imp of the Perverse”
Riquinni “Fishing Planet”
Sight Lives “Not In Love (Open Up)”
Friendly Donut Shop “Donut Nights”
My Love Underwater “Floating Between Mountains”
(December 18, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Palisades-Kepler State Park)

Trash Mountain Cedar Rapids Iowa Trails

Sight Lives “On This Road (OTR)”
Michael Duede “Witch’s Shop”
My Love Underwater “Switch Out to Next”
Chaircrusher “Curaneiro”
Dan Padley “Pin Tumbler”
McLarnan “Caligo”
Double Figure “Dyatlov”
KRISTIAN DAY “Amber Planet”
Naughts “Attempted Eulogy”
Underwater Escape from the Black Hole “Melodrama”
(November 25, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Mount Trashmore)

Lacey-Keosauqua State Park

McLarnan “Gambel’s Quail”
Orobadion “in god’s hands the whole time (form is emptiness)”
Rushton “Teach by the Lake”
Jarrett Purdy & Dan Padley “Petal”
Doomsday Optimist “Night”
Highrise. “Serenity”
Dick Stryker feat. chevy stealership “The Constitution Trail”
thirtyfourpercent “after this, i’m done”
Nicholas Naioti “The Magic In Ordinary Things”
Make-Believe Machines “The Old War Resurrected”
(November 12, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Lacey-Keosauqua State Park)

Pikes Peak State Park

Ambient Matyk “Hear Me Out Please”
Magic in the Rain “lift up, pt. 2”
Nicholas Naioti “Unearthed”
Slow 404 “Close to Shore”
Doomsday Optimist “Pink Tag”
Genevieve Salamone “Tranquility”
Highrise. “Solitude”
The Red Gnoll “As the Days Go By”
Kristian Day “Crass”
Friendly Donut Shop “Sweeping Up Crumbs”
(October 8, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Pikes Peak State Park)

Iowa Nature

Jarrett Purdy & Dan Padley feat. Drew Morton “Petrichor”
Derek Bermel, Michael Norsworthy & David Gompper “Schizm (Version for Clarinet & Piano): I. Field of Stars)”
Make-Believe Machines “All Good Things Won Through Pain”
Dick Stryker “Magic Button”
Underwater Escape from the Black Hole “Slow Motion”
Limit Infrared “Rooted”
Orobadion “Whatever Else Happens”
thirtyfourpercent “frostbitten”
Rushton “Airydub”
Naughts “The Sequel”
(September 24, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Ledges State Park)

Iowa Nature Kent Park

11 Clouds “Intro”
Double Figure “Centennial”
Highrise. Come Back”
Ursus “Hung2dry”
McLarnan “ɅURɅ”
Michael Duede “Hallway”
William Campbell “Mekkia, Pt. 2”
KRISTIAN DAY “Eyes Through Windows”
People Legend “Post Religious Triumph”
Chaircrusher “Probity”
(September 10, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: F.W. Kent Park)

Wildcat Den Iowa Park

Highrise. “Gentle (Remastered)”
Jarrett Purdy & Dan Padley feat. Drew Morton “Petrichor”
Doomsday Optimist “good morning”
Chaircrusher “Way Station”
William Campbell “Jon and the Sea”
LYON “Portent”
Orobadion “alone”
McLarnan “Umbra”
Ambient Matyk “Fields”
Gravity’s Constant “Snow Covered Parking Lot”
(August 20, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Wildcat Den State Park)

Lake MacBride Iowa

thirtyfourpercent “jade leaf”
Dan Padley “Druthers”
Orange Juice Avalanche “Contact”
Jarrett Purdy “Little Bluestem”
Bejesus “Hal27”
SHIKIMO “Exploring Neptune”
Slow 404 “Absence”
Mark Rushton “Evening Sunset Hillside”
Underwater Escape from the Black Hole “The Gape”
McLarnan “I Dreamt Our Whole City Burned”
(August 6, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Lake MacBride)

Iowa Nature Cave

Mark Rushton “Coming Out of Anesthesia”
Nicholas Naioti “The Fragrance”
McLarnan “Sonus”
Naughts” “Listless”
Plastic Sunsets “Djinn Lullaby”
Genevieve Salamone “Brave”
Orobadion “Perilin”
Make-Believe Machines “This Olive Branch is a Hornet’s Nest”
Friendly Donut Shop “3am (Everything at Peace)”
Sinner Frenz “Cardano ADA”
(July 23, 2022 Playlist Update / Pictured: Wapsipinicon State Park)

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