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Cedar Rapids, IA

Dyslexic Postcards “Now They Know”

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The choice adjective used to describe Miami’s Dyslexic Postcards seems to be through using some form of the term “debauchery,” and having seen the rugged group perform live it’s not all that difficult to figure out why. Crushing the small reformed cowboy bar Betty’s in Nashville a few weeks back, the five-piece literally destroyed on stage (floor), thrashing around beer cans just as they did their instruments. But for as wild as the set was, such craziness is actually kept quite restrained on the group’s recently released debut EP.

Spare the Altar doesn’t overwhelm at six tracks deep, nor does it dull the senses by sticking to a single sound the whole time through. The fuzzed over fist pumper “Give Me Reason to Die,” for example, is evened out by “Shakes That You Make,” which serves up a dicey, sloppy synth bit below a near-pop rock bubble. The standout on the release is the same song as was the highlight of the live show however. Cheekily opening to the Budgie classic “Breadfan” (though the sound is far closer to the much beloved rendition by Metallica), “Now They Know” continues by marrying electronic spazz and an evenly deadly guitar and vocal pairing. For more from the group head over to their Reverbnation page.

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