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Cedar Rapids, IA

Dream Cop “Marooned” Video

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As if the idea of man-cats (you might prefer “catmen,” but either way they’re at least a solid seven on the WTF-scale) wasn’t enough to creep you out on its own, director Benjamin Brewer went right ahead and brought that cosmic freakout to life with the video for “Marooned” by Tommy Davidson’s Dream Cop project. If there is one lesson to be learned from the video however, it’s to make sure not to bring horrific mutations to a rock & roll-themed Labor Day bash or else things might get a little bit out of control.

If you’re enjoying the track, you can download it for free as one of many on Tough Love’s 2010 Young & Researchsampler over at the label’s Bandcamp page. Otherwise, the track is taken from Dream Cop’s Mango 12″ EP.

For more of Davidson’s stuff, he released another EP entitled Basement Tapes last month, which is also available for streaming at Bandcamp. (International dap goes to I Am No Superman for the video.)

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