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Divide & Kreate Interview

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Divide Kreate Mashup Interview

When did you start making mashups?

Divide & Kreate: December 2004

Was there any other mashup producer, or producers, that inspired you to get started?

Divide & Kreate: I think it was that Soulwax As Hear On… that got me started.

Have you had any legal threats or issues arise surrounding any of your bootlegs?

Divide & Kreate: Not from any record company, not yet anyway. My previous webhost didn’t look too friendly on having mp3 on my website though…

What is the last mashup you listened to that wasn’t yours?

Divide & Kreate: Tone396 mashup with Green Day and Shakespear’s Sister.

Who are your favorite bastard-pop producers?

Divide & Kreate: Me, me, me 😉

How many mashups do you think you’ve made in your life?

Divide & Kreate: Don’t know really, about 150 perhaps.

What is your favorite mashup of all time?

Divide & Kreate: The Timelords ‘Doctorin’ the Tardis.’

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