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Dirty Vegas “Electric Love” Video

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Written and directed by James Gooding comes the new music video for “Electric Love” by Dirty Vegas; the title track from the group’s first album since 2004′s train wreck of an album, One. Starring Jena Malone (Donnie Darko, Into the Wild), the short story vaguely follows a twisted theme of obsession and the twists and turns which push the lead role to the brink of sexual eccentricity.

The English house trio might best be remembered for their 2001 single “Days Go By,” which topped Billboard’s Hot Dance Play chart in 2002 while peaking at the #14 spot on the Hot 100 chart. Those who remember the song will probably also remember how broadly licensed it was during its peak in popularity; the Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial which used the track was so omnipresent that it served as great fodder for a hilarious spoof on Chappelle’s Show.

Om Records explains that the video will be the first of two which follow a narrative featuring Malone; each helping to serve as a bit of a primer to her role in the highly anticipated film Sucker Punch which will drop in March. While a firm release date for the album has yet to be set, the original track is available as a free download via Om’s website and a number of remixes can be streamed here.

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