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PRo “Get Up” Video

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Directed by Marco “Oracle” Villalobos comes the most recent video from Murfreesboro MC PRo for the track “Get Up.” Maintaining a grounded beat — supplied by the team of Chinky P & Frank Dukes/Sarah J — the track focuses on PRo’s disenchantment with the world he sees around him, only to look back on himself and realize that the change he seeks has to start with the individual. The track is a prime example of how PRo maintains a focus on his faith — a key motivator of his music — without drawing distinct lines and preaching. I recently connected with PRo where the young MC expanded on his goal with the track,

“If we are all real with one another, when we look at the world around us, it’s clear that it’s broken. I’ve seen the effects of drugs ruin a community. I’ve seen broken families. The sad part about it is, many times instead of plotting on how I create change I usually just turn, look the other way and forget what I’ve seen. The song ‘Get Up’ has two purposes: 1.) Is to make people aware that these things are still going on around us; 2.) To encourage us to respond and do something about it.”

The track will appear on PRo’s upcoming PSA Volume 3 mixtape, which the MC calls a “back to the basics” release.

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