Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Death Cab For Cutie “Narrow Stairs” Review

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Hypothetically speaking – the most beautiful, smart, vibrant woman could approach me by saying that Death Cab For Cutie were a good band and I’d still have scoffed. Not just at the idea that someone would enjoy a second-rate Weezer knock off (at least the Weezer that still made albums worth a damn) but more importantly because they would brag about it. Without really listening to the band I had built up an idea of what they represented, and not even the best of intentions can overcome a closed mind…sometimes. Giving Narrow Stairs an honest chance proved my thoughts to be a bit preemptive. “I Will Possess Your Heart” makes me wonder if all this time the band has been writing wonderfully churning songs capable of bearing their own weight. “No Sunlight” and “Cath…” add to the glaring enjoyability of the album, though, and as it shifts past the first few tracks it develops into something a bit typical of what I had expected – musically consistent mid-tempo tracks with titles like “Pity and Fear.” Despite my initial disposition I enjoyed Narrow Stairs to a point where I’d actually bring it up in a conversation; so…bring on the ladies!

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