Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Dead Man’s Bones “In The Room Where You Sleep”

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Roughly a week ago, I watched the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the first time. And in it, Jason Segel’s character writes an absolutely ridiculous vampire rock opera (to be performed by puppets, no less). To my surprise, however, the songs somehow work within the context of the movie. Furthermore, they reminded me of the haunting echo of Dead Man’s Bones “In The Room Where You Sleep”—so, I sought out the band’s MySpace to learn a little more about them. What I ended up learning, despite a vast majority of pop culture blogs having already discussed this at some point in time over the past two years, was that Ryan Gosling had something to do with the band. It’s a bit funny that it took an actor singing a song in a movie to remind me of a song outside a movie, one that was coincidentally sung by an actor. While I love the song, I might suggest hitting up the video first, as it could very well be the greatest music video to ever feature a chorus of children in Halloween costumes.

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