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Dave Hill’s Best of 2007 & Seasonal Employment

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Even to me it seems like I’ve been posting way too much Dave Hill content as of late, but in all fairness he’s bringing more pain than a hundred girls and a hundred cups…or something to that extent, I still haven’t watched the video so I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Anyways, Dave recently jotted together some thoughts about his favorite albums of the year for Brooklyn Vegan, and as expected the results are like the editorial equivalent to watching Lindsay Lohan spiral further and further away from her glory years (you knew it was going to be marvelous, but had no idea it would be this good!). Care for a sample or two?

“GRINDERMAN, Grinderman – This band has everything- cool songs, great facial hair, and an electric bouzouki player. Plus, they have a song called “No Pussy Blues,” which is really good even though I totally can’t relate to it, you know, um, because I am constantly knee-deep in vaginas.

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT, Rufus Does Judy Live At Carnegie Hall – This record won’t make you gay. But it won’t not make you gay. The important thing though is that it’s seriously good. Guys should probably finger some girl while listening to this though just to be safe.” Read the rest of the article at Brooklyn Vegan.

Furthermore, Super Deluxe has released a new video starring Dave and Alex “Little Michael Jackson” Sotomayor as they walk the streets pretty much fulfilling their typical roles as all around ball-kickers, only this time as Santa and an elf.

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