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Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi & Jack White “Two Against One”

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New music was unveiled today from Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s Rome project, which will see its official release May 16 in the UK and May 17 stateside. It was announced earlier this week that the duo’s “Two Against One” collaboration with Jack White and “Black” with Norah Jones will both be featured on an upcoming Record Store Day release from Third Man Records, so appropriately each track has now surfaced as a sample of what’s likely to follow. Jones’ “Black” continues a trend that runs through much of her music: while the song and lyrics were written before she became involved in the project, her sultry vocals demand the bulk of the attention in the song. “Two Against One,” however, steps away from what might’ve been expected from a Jack White feature as the song utilizes limited guitar in creating the dark cloud of audible sorrow which aids White’s vocals in developing its unique tone. For more on the album, a video primer was released earlier this week featuring commentary by all four artists.

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