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Cedar Rapids, IA

D. Watusi “Brother & Sister”

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New music from Nashville’s D. Watusi has been circulating for a minute, but among the ten new songs on Dark Party is the standout you best not overlook: “Brother & Sister.” Side one, track two kicks off with waves of slicing repetition, shrieking howls, and bluesy breakdowns before ripping into a spurt of majestic shredding (which is really just a fancy way of saying there’s a cool little solo near the end). What the song’s actually about? No idea. But it sounds pretty tight to me.

If you were at Nashville’s Dead’s birthday bash last week you had your shot at scoring a limited release of Dark Party (complete with “hand-screened” cover). If you weren’t, the blog-slash-label promises “the actual record will be released a little later.” (One can only assume they mean that it’ll drop sometime between now and the pending global Apocalypse in December. So with that in mind, buy two… as if your money will do you any good when the sky is raining fire, anyways.) In the meantime, the whole thing is streaming on Soundcloud.

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