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The Cult vs. Faith No More mashed by G3RSt

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I’d venture to say that the Cult are one of my favorite bands from the ’80s. You can always tell how much you liked an old group by your response to its output in the twilight of its career. And as I enjoyed the band’s 2001 “comeback” album, Beyond Good and Evil, I think it’s fair to say that as a fan–I’m theirs for the taking. So it’s no wonder then that I’m a sucker for mashups utilizing ol’ Ian Astbury, epecially those that take advantage of “She Sells Sanctuary,” no less. Here the Netherlands’ G3RSt combines what might be the most recognizable songs from both Faith No More and the Cult and combines them into “Epic Sanctuary.”

While the song is choice, I think Mike Patton‘s chorus could have been cut out and replaced with a bit of Ian Astbury because as it stands, it almost sounds like a vocal track crudely pasted to a loop of one of the best rock riffs of all time. When when you think about it… is still a pretty cool.

I’d also advise checking out “Sanctuary’s Over” by Smash Mash-Ups from a few years back… that song isn’t just a brilliant take on Astbury taking the reigns of the “reunited” Doors, but it also makes use of the the best of both bands in an unexpectedly amazing mash-mix. “Sanctuary’s Over” can be found here.

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