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Copycat Interview

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Copycat Mashup Interview

When did you start making mashups?

Copycat: Depends on what you categorize as a mashup. I’ve been laying tracks on top of each other since the ’80s. But as regards the modern equivalent, doing it on a computer, using parts of different tracks to create entirely new ones, I’d say around 2002/2003. But I didn’t have the guts to start sharing them until a year later or so.

Was there any other mashup producer, or producers, that inspired you to get started?

Copycat: Well, Soulwax and their 2 Many DJs project, of course. Another factor was the Freelance Hellraiser and his “Stroke of Genius”—brilliant then, brilliant now. Not to mention Mark Vidler and his Go Home Productions. However, not everyone was as good as those guys, and I suppose that’s essentially the reason for my getting into the game. I thought I could do better than many of them…

Have you had any legal threats or issues arise surrounding any of your bootlegs?

Copycat: Not really, no. Had a few tunes/videos taken down from my various sites every now and then, without a word or notice, but no major hassle. Yet.

What is the last mashup you listened to that wasn’t yours?

Copycat: Listened to Mighty Mike’s “Papa Was In Your Hands” the other day over at Audio Porn Central. Brilliant.

Who are your favorite bastard-pop producers?

Copycat: Um… How much time have we got…? There are tons of good ones. But I rarely miss any of Team9‘s releases. That guy has it all. Apart from being a nice bloke, he’s got an eclectic and great taste in music, cool ideas, and excellent production skills. Check his latest project, the Memorabilica album under his Found Sound Orchestra guise, and you’ll see what I mean. Magic.

How many mashups do you think you’ve made in your life?

Copycat: Don’t really know. Some hundred probably. And some 20-25 remixes. But the past few years I’ve become much more restrictive about what I post. So I suppose you’ll only find some 50-60 tunes out there. Tops.

What is your favorite mashup of all time?

Copycat: Rather impossible to answer. But I’ll go with either Jacknife Lee‘s Eminem mash from a few years back (“Cleaning Out My Closet” vs. ?) – or “Stroke of Genius.” Mostly for the sense of infatuation that still comes over me when I hear either of them; few other mashups can match that. Both make me rush off to my computer to do one of my own…

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