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The Chemical Brothers “Star Guitar” Video

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At this point in time I’m not even sure that a rehashing of Exit Planet Dust could make up for the atrocity that was 2007’s We Are the Night. But earlier in the decade, before the duo had done “The Salmon Dance” with Fat Lip, the Chemical Brothers were still riding a wave of success stemming from their hugely triumphant albums from the 1990s. Although it wasn’t the first single from 2002’s Come With Us, “Star Guitar” was the highest charting single from the album and found a balance between surging electronics and melodic funk. Also taking into consideration that the song features a sample from David Bowie’s “Spaceman” and the video was directed by the brilliant Michel Gondry and you’ve got one of the better electronic memories from the first half of the decade. [Equally (actually, maybe more) enjoyable is the video for Shinichi Osawa’s cover of the song; it’s a must-see.]

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