Chris DeLine

Cedar Rapids, IA

Chamillionaire “Best Rapper Alive”

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As if it were ever a meaningful boast, calling yourself the “best rapper alive” has now become hip hop’s equivalent to saying that your restaurant’s BBQ is “world famous.” All the same, Chamillionaire might very well be the best rapper alive (in Houston), and he’s set a release schedule over the past few years so hectic that it stands toe-to-toe with Lil Wayne’s insane output. His most recent release, Mixtape Messiah 6, might serve as the last stop on his musical odyssey before his third official release, Venom, drops sometime in February (though I wouldn’t bet on it). It’s a solid mixtape, definitely offering a full-bodied feel parallel to his previous Messiah releases, but buried within is the suggestion that Venom will be his last album if the people don’t “feel it.” Doesn’t sound like something the best rapper alive would say… then again, Chamillionaire has never been one to bite his tongue.

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