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Catching Up With Alumnus Chris DeLine

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Chris DeLine, 2006 alumnus, has been busy since graduating from BVU. Between being mentioned on VH1’s Best Week Ever website and writing for Esquire, DeLine has been developing his blog He started the blog while at BVU and since then has developed it into the blog it is today. The blog has begun to grow in popularity and DeLine has gained some recognition for his prowess of musical knowledge and taste. The Tack recently managed to score some time out of his busy schedule to talk to him about his blog and recent achievements.

tackgirl: When and why did you start Culture Bully?

culturebully: started up in April of 2005. I don’t even really know why I started it. I thought about it the other day and came up with this: Going live in April of 2005, Culture Bully began as an uninspired pop culture blog with little to no direction. It did, however, occassionally succeed in making my friends and I laugh (with a strong emphasis on occassionally) from the comfort of our dorm rooms.

tackgirl: Why is your site called Culture Bully?

culturebully: I coined the term in reference to a friend who kept referencing their favorite movies, music and books as being the best–completely hhigh and mighty, a real culture bully. Y’know, I suppose we’re all in favor of our own tastes and to some degree we’re all cutlure bullies.

tackgirl: Did you expect for it to get as popular as it has?

culturebully: In all fairness, I really don’t think it’s that popular. Even though I don’t like the term “blog,” that’s what my site is. There are a ton of music blogs that are far more interesting and successful than Culture Bully, but it’s getting there.

tackgirl: How many hits do you average a month?

culturebully: Last month the site had 100,000 visits from almost 60,000 unique visitors. When I first started the site, I was really happy to get 10 hits a day, so 100,000 a month is pretty exciting.

tackgirl: How does it feel to be mentioned on VH1’s Best Week Ever website occassionally?

culturebully: It’s been nice getting a little exposure. I met one of the site’s bloggers, Michelle, while I was in New York this past January and she’s kinda like me—except female, better looking, and successful. But still, it’s a blog. The stuff that’s really exciited me is non-blog mentions like The Boston Globe and Toronto Star.

tackgirl: How does it feel to have written for Esquire?

culturebully: Having the ability to contribute to is really exciting. I’m still working on a few things and am hoping that I get some more stuff finished and live on the site soon, but considering that I went to school for business management and am ending up getting a few small jobs here and there writing about music really means a lot to me.

tackgirl: Where do you hope Culture Bully is going to go?

culturebully: For a little while I wanted to build it into an online-zine, but now I’m fairly content just building it up as it is. In the next year or two I’d like to be considered up there with some of the most notable US music blogs like Gorilla vs. Bear, My Old Kentucky Blog, I Guess I’m Floating, Marathonpacks or Aquarium Drunkard.

tackgirl: What is your favorite part about running Culture Bully?

culturebully: Last night I went to see the Tossers, Murder By Death, and the Reverend Horton Heat and this evening I came home, opened my mail, and got the new Arcade Fire CD. When it comes down to it, I love the exposure to great music that I’m hooked up with. The site’s also helped introduce me to a ton of great people.

tackgirl: What’s your favorite color underwear?

culturebully: I’m just happy if I have a clean pair.

tackgirl: Anything else you would like readers to know?

culturebully: The question is, is there anything YOU would like to know?

tackgirl: Now that I know about your underwear preferences, I think we can leave it at the great answers you gave. Thanks for the answers.

culturebully: No problem.

[This article was first published by Buena Vista University’s paper, The Tack.]